Hello Scorum

The end of the week came with quite some surprise. After checking out Hotbit last night I noticed that Scorum Coin was up quite a bit and even passed the 3 Cent line. Wow, that was rather unexpected but highly anticipated. Not sure what is the reason behind the latest spike but I so much hope this won't be just another flash in the pan, something we saw last summer. What would it take to make the recent rise more fundamental, and the start of an even bigger move? I am sure we are all more than ready to see the light again, so let's be positive and hold out a little longer. Better days are just around the corner!


Let's get back to the nominations. I always come up with the same, very simple question:

Which user here at Scorum deserves a little attention and should be supported by me for a week?

This week we got three people joining, what is really nice. The nominate two different writers, so I chose the candidate who was nominated twice. Thanks to everyone who came out again to support my little initiative.

And congrats go out to @mategghead