Hello Scorum

Recently I have been writing in the Scorum World section but I also wanted to take a moment to leave you some thoughts here as well.

I hope all of you are finding some time to hold still and reflect for a moment. I know this year was not always easy but these days when it is slowly coming to an end I am still feeling that it was a good year. And now during the merry season I can easily admit that my life has been good and I have been able to enjoy a lot of things.

Of course most important is our family and our friends, since they often define who we are. Now when I am living far away from my homeland I am getting a deeper understanding for what is important in life. If you ask me what I want myself for x-mas I don't need to think long. LOVE!

Love for everyone and everywhere. We have been quarreling a lot and that way too much. I know things have been quite rough at times, but that goes for most of us. It doesn't help if we blame someone else, we are all in the same boat and we are all hoping to sail ahead towards the horizon, where we can sense some sun and blue sky.

Love and hope is what we need, so let us put aside all animosities and look each other into our eyes and hearts. There is so much love in all of us, I am sure it is enough to heal the world and ourselves. We just need to get to bottom of our hearts and start loving and hoping again. Let us connect again with the world and focus on that what we have in common and what connects us, and not on the things that may divide us.

If we walk and work together we can achieve so much. We can reach the moon and even far beyond it. Let us stretch out our hands like all the children do. And let us grab and hold the hand reaching out to us. Let us embrace the world around us and let the world embrace and warm us as well.

No man is an island, and sometimes we all need some love. So do I and I am glad to be in this world and in this life.

And I am also glad I have joined the Scorum community some years ago. Things have been rough for a while but I am now seeing some new life and hope at the horizon. Let us sail together into smoother and warmer waters. Everyone is invited to join, so please hop on board and come with us.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone!

Whatever you are celebrating today, do it with love and hope!