It had come to my attention that one of my fellow top 20 witnesses are abusing their sp. His reponse when asked if he felt the short low effort posts made by the @topgame account were high quality and deserved upvotes.(They post multiple short posts a day and give it 100% upvotes from two accounts over 8k. They hold off on voting until the timing won't expose their scheme by getting the post to trending. The hot algorithm is time based.)

Well short is speculative right?

This short

It isn't a matter of what they can or cannot do with their power as users. But they are witnesses. They run the @blckchnd account and are a top 20 witness. And here they are churning out quick, low effort posts to rob ALL OF US. With witnesses their sp grows with each block they solve. So they are accruing SP from doing nothing but steal. What tools are they yammering about? All I know about them is what they have done to screw you guys over. I may not be the most vocal of witnesses I work as a community so I never throw my weight. I actually need to post more under the witness account. But there is NO reason someone can argue for on why you should still vote for these guys. They hold off on voting until days later so they can't show their scheme in the light by bopping it into trending. The last 5 posts of their are voteless because they are waiting for the time to be right to be seedy.

Does this deserve full up votes?

When I asked them I was mocked and told this is bow things work in these systems and if I don't like it then I should just not upvote it. Imagine you watch someone steal your friend's car. And the carjacker testifies you were a bother because you didn't help and the fact you alerted authorities. That YOU are the problem. Cars are meant to be stolen you are just naïve.

As I stated above. They don't vote until the post is a day old so it won't be hot enough to get noticed. They are knowingly and willfully bleeding the reward pool. Why should we let them solve blocks? Where they can earn SP for doing no extra work other than to update their BP?

If you guys help vote these thieves out. It will send a message to anyone who thinks they can hide their thievery and vile intentions to screw you; the author who actually works night and day to create good content.

For Scorum. For you. Remove your witness vote from @blckchnd.

Thank you.