Hello Scorum nation I am your newest member for today and this would account would be giving you your daily dose of nba takeaways in your favorite games of NBA. I will be creating articles base on my honest knowledge and opinion regarding different situations and that would be cooler if we can debate under the comment section with every topics of the game.

Basketball is my favorite sports for as long as I can remember I love players who have killer mentality inside the game with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and much more. My fave current players in the game right now are The Greek Freak and Stephen Curry because they dominate the game in such a unique way.

Moving on, hope that I can learn a lot from this platform and do grow more as a sports writer here. I expect great things from you guys let us do some healthy debates and arguments on different matters specifically NBA topics because I really don't know anything about different sports hmmm yeah maybe a little bit about boxing as I still love to watch combat sports.

I want to breakdown the game of basketball not only on the analytics side because stat sheets can't capture or tell all the story anyway this would be my short introduction and I want to stay as anonymous as possible here and wouldn't want to spill all the beans in my introduction post. As I continue to create articles here you will know me better, bye guys until my next article which would probably my first nba game takeaway.