2 years on and still the same problems

This blog is as much a Test article as anything!

For some reason Scorum doesn’t like today’s post. I’ve tried switching browser and even devices but I still get the same message when trying to publish.

I kind of assumed it was either my account or something within the content of the blog that the system didn’t like as I’ve seen plenty of other blogs being published.

Given that you’re reading this then it must be the content of my blog.

If that’s the case then what is it that Scorum won’t accept?

There was nothing especially different from the 500 or so posts I’ve made in the past couple of years.

  • 1000 words of text
  • Images
  • Links to relevant articles 
  • Embedded video 

I’ve seen plenty of other users complaining about this glitch on the telegram chat and no solution has been offered!

And don’t get me started on the betting platform!

Want to bet on Brighton and Hove Albion games? You can’t! They don’t exist in the world of Scorum.

Want to see which matches have the most SCR staked on them? You can’t! That info won’t load anymore.

Want to see the next games to kick off at the top of screen? You can’t because it’s populated by matches that finished days ago.

If you’d like to read my thoughts on the 3rd Test between England and West Indies they are available on a blockchain with a functioning development team.