Flagging is a function introduced to curb abuse such as plagiarism, spamming, verbal abuse, disagreement with rewards, etc. When a post is flagged, the payout and visibility reduces depending on the SP of the flagger. If a newbie with 5 SP flags a post, it will have no effect on the payout unlike someone with 20k SP

Flagging a post may ignite war if the author feels he has not committed any offence or violated any rule, and this is one of the reasons why some people do not really flag. I myself have not flagged any post before not because I'm afraid of retaliation but because I don't really like dramas that go along with flagging 😁

While flagging is a good way of sanctioning defaulters, it could also be abused and I have highlighted three ways flagging could be abused.

Jealousy flagging

Someone might hold grudge against you and will be looking for every little opportunity to bring you down. It might just be that the person feels he's a better writer than you yet he does not earn as half as you do. He or she then begins to find loopholes in your post and in the absence of none, he flags your post out of jealousy.

The truth is that, the best writers are usually not the highest earners on Scorum. The earlier you know this the better for you. You might be a better writer than someone but won't earn as half as they do. You just have to accept this fact and try to ward off any feeling of jealousy.

Disagreement Flagging

Few weeks ago, I remember a dude who flagged another guy's post in the Scorum Writers' telegram group. According to him, he flagged the post because it does not interest him. Like seriously? It could also be that you actually countered the person's post or opinion and he or she begins to feel threatened. He then begins to look for every little opportunity to attack you.

If several others upvote the same post then it means they do not see things the way you do. You just have to accept that with humility as you try to persuade others to subscribe to your opinions

Hatred Flagging

Just as we have people who abuse power or position in our everyday lives, such people are inevitable on a platform like this. We always have sadist who will abuse power and unleash their frustration on someone who has not violated any community rule. They can abuse the flagging function by flagging your post not because your post was actually bad or you published stolen content but because they really do not like you.

I can go on and on to highlight many unwarranted flagging and my fear is that this won't be a great concern in the future. Currently, there seems to be a level of decorum and I know that the more the platform begins to have wide adoption, the more charlatans we will be having on the platform. Power abuse is something that can't be completely eradicated but can only be reduced. Even if I have thousands of SP I would never be on the same page such people.

There are channels you can join to discuss with other vested and concerned scorum members as to whether any particular post violates community standards to have been flagged .

The essence of this post is to remove the danger of flagging out of hatred or jealousy.

I don't know if this post makes sense at all

I drop my pen at this juncture 😎

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