When you look at the crypto market, you will see that everywhere has been bullish in some couple of weeks and you can see how many people have been gallivanting around, looking for the latest pump or rumor

In as much as it's a normal thing to see people during a bullish market running to where the wind is blowing at a particular time in pursuit of profit but sadly, not everyone will get lucky no matter how bullish a market is. Many still get their fingers burnt in the process of fear of missing out (FOMO)

The current market has resurrected a lot of scammers who ply on the gullibility of not only those gallivanting around, looking for quick cash but also those looking latest pump and rumor, and those who listen to or follow others that were bragging about their gains and their great wisdom in picking winners

The market has also been an avenue for scammers to defraud many people through the influx of Defi projects and airdrops. However, the emergence of Defi has nearly killed the patience people have for investing. Once a project doesn't give a deserving pump at an expected time then such a project losses people's attention and thus suffer for adoption, because they actually want it fast easy and big, and then move on to the next project

The most saddening thing about those who follow the crowd or gallivant is that, although, some of them are lucky to actually make some buck jumping from one place to another but they still end up losing it somewhere else. They almost always eventually crash and burn moving from one place to the other

The truth still remains that, money gets a lot of things done so it's only normal we all want it badly but if we actually look at the millionaires and billionaires of today, they didn't get rich following every whim or breeze. They are entrepreneurs that actually took years to build their empires. They don't believe in quick money neither were they following the crowds or the latest rumor (at least a large number of them)

Although there are a few times to get in on a short term investment, and there are times to get out of a long term investment, but you have to realize that almost 80% of projects emerging lately are just hype and flare with smooth graphics and slogans, trying to sell a product or trying to get people to invest in something that they can sell for a profit.

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