We've been with Scorum since inception and we are still here. Even when our early members whom we started together lost interest, powered down their SP, sold their tokens and left, we're still here going with the ship to whatever direction it's sailing to

The team has been working on the project and they successfully took us out of the bear market that could have sent Scorum to its grave. Now the project is now generating actual revenue in a little way and with time, more partnerships and developments would speed up our adoption.

While the world is busy focusing on BTC and ETH, attention has not been turned to our so dear Scorum despite Scorum having not only a great potential but one of the best economic model out there. In the nearest future, when adoption hits Scorum it's going to be a goldmine for those stayed around and never took the current $0.008 SCR for granted

My advice for new members that are just joining is to that they should build up their accounts with a reasonable amount of Scorum Power and they should not be in a hurry to sell their earnings. You still have a lot of advantage than those that will be joining Scorum in the next one year or thereafter

It will only get harder. A word is enough for the wise