We must have heard people complaining those making short posts yet having huge bucks on them simply because they consider short posts as lesser quality. But the funniest thing is that if you write a lengthy post, the same people are probably not going to read it 😁

So what should be the ideal length for a post ?

The truth is that there's no perfect answer to this question. In as much as word count plays a very vital role, "quality content" is a matter of individual preference. To some, they consider a post to be of high quality if it's very lengthy while to some, it's actually the message the author is passing across.

The length of a post plays a very vital role not only the Scorum platform but other social media sites. If a post is too lengthy you could lose readers and if it's too short, it could be considered as a low quality content. You just need to know how to create a balance.

The average reader on Scorum.....

has a very short attention span as there are several other posts he or she might want to read. If your post catches the attention of a reader, he or she will first skim through it if it's too long to read. The reader will then read the middle before he finally scrolls down to the end of the post. Since the average reader is of short attention span, it won't make sense to start your post with needless introduction. Anything too long will be too much effort to read and anything too short will be considered a lesser quality.

It's imperative to make your introduction eye catching. Aside your title, your caption image should also be dope because it goes a long way in describing what your content is all about. Some readers might want to give out their upvotes but may be too lazy to read a full post, so what they do is check your title, images, arrangements and conclusion before deciding whether they will upvote it or not.

While making this post, I made a little findings and discovered that a lot of research has been done on the "ideal length" of a post and the outcome is that most readers prefer to reader a post that will not take more than 5-6 minutes of their time. Anything more than that will be too much effort to read.

Scorum is different from other social media sites. There are lots of content coming up every now and then and we know that reading and curating takes a lot of time, especially if you're a curator. Let's assume you want to use your 100% on 10 posts. It's a bit stressful spending 8 minutes reading each post because you probably have other posts to read or you have other things you want to do offline.

If you look at most of my posts, I go straight to the point and stop beating around the bush. I don't just like stressing my readers by adding irrelevant things in my post just because I want my post to be lengthy. Although, I wouldn't deny the fact lengthy posts normally earn more than short or medium length posts because this connotes some level of hard work, and that's why everybody wants to write a lengthy post so that they can earn well. In a bid to write lengthy post, many people end up accumulating both hogwash and other people's content.

Authors like @izge and @hassan know how to convey their message properly in a lengthy form and that's why their posts are usually at least 1000 words long. Other high earning authors posts vary from 500-1000+ words.

You don't need to compete with them because we have different ways of expressing ourselves. Whiles some people know how to convey their message in a lengthy way, some just go straight to the point. Just try to understand yourself and don't copy other people.


  • Always make your first paragraph and introduction very captivating so that readers are drawn to other paragraph
  • Organize your post with good spacing and avoid too long paragraph
  • Since there's no specific post length, always try to write your post in such a way that it will not take more than 5 minutes of a reader's time
  • Let your conclusion be the summary of your write-up 

I drop my pen at this juncture 😎

I don't know if this makes sure