If anybody tells you it's easy to make money, they are only deceiving you. Even if it is, definitely not on a blockchain blogging platform. You just have to sweat your butt out.

Some of us are already familiar with the steemit platform where you will have to sweat your ass out to see some dollars on your post, especially when you're not connected to the big boys. We all know that nothing can be as frustrating as using several hours to cook up a post and then people only viewed it without clicking the upvote icon. Sometimes you feel like smashing your phone or head against the wall.

Well, you just have to relax. You're not alone. It has happened to me and every other person and we haven't given up or turned to a beggar. Even when we get disappointed, there's always a reason to pick up our pen and still write something hoping that we will earn.

Let me tell you something, if you're the type that easily loses in something, scorum is a wrong place for you. If you're also that type who is looking for quick money, you're at the wrong place. If the person who introduced you to scorum didn't tell you the awkward sides on it, they have done well at all. Success requires consistency, persistence, hard work and perseverance, so as scorum 

Just imagine you've invested your time and energy to build up a good number of SP and then a newbie comes to you saying "please can you upvote my post"? Sure! You would probably upvote it just to encourage them. But what happens when it becomes a perpetual habit if the same person begs your for upvote? How would you feel? You should be like

  • But I didn't start this way, I actually earned my SP without begging for upvotes
  • Even if you're new, you should be able to work for your upvotes
  • You shouldn't start your journey by being a beggar.

The truth of the matter is that blogging on blockchain is never easy especially when you start without buying SP. Having a lot of SP attracts followers but without it, people may not be interested in following you or reading your post when they know that they probably benefit much from you. 

So, if you've been told that all you need to do is create good content and money will start flowing in, you need to correct that mentality and embrace the truth. Some of us are already familiar with the steemit platform and we see how members go around authors' posts asking for visitation to their own article or begging for follow backs. That is already happening here and it's going to get worse as more members keep coming in. 

Go on! Write that post. If no one upvotes it, write another one and hope that things will get better. That doesn't mean you aren't a good writer. I also do write good content and I always expect that upvotes should flow naturally. Sometimes, I don't get good upvotes but that doesn't mean that my content is bad. I still pick up my pen and write more.

The button line is that you shouldn't start your journey thinking somebody owes you an upvote. Nobody will promise you free money here, so you have to struggle and hustle to earn it like anyone else

I drop my pen at this juncture 😎

I hope this makes sense to someone? 

Have a nice day!