One of the most controversial features on the Scorum platform is the ability to flag a post. Ideally, flagging should be done in cases of spam, plagiarism, or anything that contradicts the Scorum's ethical code, which is usually decided by the entire community

Recently, we've been hearing of some people using the flagging feature to terrorize others. They just flag a post just because they don't like the writer, or let me say because the message was not properly conveyed by the author, so what they do is, "hey! your post looks bullshit to me so I'm flagging it down", or "your post is not intellectual enough so I'm flagging it"

The idea of the flagging option should serve its real purpose not to terrorize people just because they've offended us in one way or the other, or because someone has been involved in a brawl with our friends and we need to support our friends by waging war against the person..

Few days ago, I made a comment on Mikey's post that earned me $2, only for a dude to flag the comment with any reason. Another dude flagged my post of $50+ without any reason. Could it just be that I offended someone who's now using his alternate accounts to troll me?

This kind of thing could have ignited a war if I'm a person that takes pleasure in e-brawls, so I just had to let it slide. I know there are some people who are victims of this kind of abuse but are afraid to speak out.

Proposed Solution

It doesn't make sense to devalue a post by flagging it just because we harbour some resentments towards the author or because we don't just like the way they conveyed their message or opinions. I believe it would make more sense to ignore a post we don't like rather than mouth-thrash it, or we should not frustrate people with flagging if we know we can't encourage them them with our upvotes since they've not violated the community code of ethics

It's very important we preserve the integrity of this wonderful platform and kick against "Haejin and Bernisandes" kind of abuse that is characterized by enmity and resentment

Lastly, the use of flagging to disagree with an author's presentation or opinions should not be tolerated

I drop my pen at this juncture and I will like to hear from you in the comment section

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