Scorum plagiarism bot has been doing a great job in reducing plagiarism on the platform. It's built in such a way that people who post copied content have little or nothing to earn from such posts. Before the automatic plagiarism checker bot was activated, the platform was overrun by plagiarism and repeated posts but the advent of the bot has been able to control content abuse to a large extent.

While the Scorum automatic plagiarism checker has been a right step in the right direction, there have also been negative feedback by some people who claim their content is unique according to edubirdie but Scorum plagiarism bot says otherwise.

Well, truth be told, there are still some bugs that are needed to be fixed to make the plagiarism bot accurate, at least to a large extent because the depression that goes with writing a content of your and thoroughly using plagiarism checker to assess it, only for the Scorum Plagiarism bot to tell you it's just 60% unique. You feel like a thief, you feel you've wasted a lot of time writing something people are probably not going to upvote. I've been there and I know that feeling.

Without wasting time, if the Scorum plagiarism bot considers your content to be non unique, kindly consider doing the following

  1. Avoid repeating names 

Sometimes, the plagiarism checker flags things like players and team names as well as the title, so you need to be very careful with the way you mention club and player names. For example, If you're talking about Real Madrid or Christiano Ronaldo in your post, avoid repeating the name frequently. Just limit the number of times you mention it and use pronoun instead. All these combined in a post would be enough to make the bot reduce the percentage.

2. Try rephrasing

In a situation when you already published your post and the plagiarism bot tells you your post is not so unique, try editing and using similar phrases and transitions. Rephrasing some words or a complete sentence is probably going to increase the uniqueness percentage of your content.

3. Try adding more words

If you're told your content is just 60% unique, try edit your post and try adding few words to it. You could add more sentences to it to increase the word count. Try adding, let's say 50 words and republish it. Sometimes, a few words added to your post can increase the uniqueness from 60% to 100%


This isn't a guarantee that everything I wrote will make you post have a full payout. It would probably increase your percentage to some extent.

I drop my pen at this juncture and I'd like to get the idea of how you manage to do yours 😎