Today I will tell you about Kicktipp which is a very enjoyable application.

What is the Kicktipp application?

Kicktipp application: Soccer is a platform to personally estimate the results of the match. It is a claim program that you can play with your friends or people around you. The purpose of this program;to correctly predict the scores of the matches. You get points when you know the match score or the winning team. You can choose the UK premier league in this application.

Point System

4 points for accurate score prediction

3 points for who knows the difference between the winning team and the score

2 points for the winning team

NOTE: For Google Play,you can download the application from here.

Additionally, You can download the Android app here.

Registration and Application Introduction

The app has it on the web page. You can find the application's web page here. After logging in to the web page registration processes are as follows;Click on Register

We are writing your e-mail address for registration. We determine our password. Finally, we now click on Register now.

A confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address. You must perform the approval process. We can log in after making the approval process. Click on Login to open the system. Click on the Start new betting game button after logging in.

We define competition name, game name and player names. So we can create new games.

Other than this, we can participate in another league. To do this, click on the location shown in the image below.

For My Communities

Leaderboard: Shows the points status of the people in the community.

General overview: Standings, weekly match day points, you can see the differences with the leader

Desired outcome: View match results and match scores of people in the community

Prediction centre: The part where we enter the weekly match scores.

Schedule: The part with the match fixture.

Table: Shows the overall score status of the selected league