Free Marketing

The best kind of marketing for any new website is free marketing! Word of mouth is the greatest friend to get your website off the ground and it saves tons of money in advertising, which can not only be very expensive, but is easily gamed by bots and competitors.

There's nothing worse than paying for advertising only to find out most of your clicks were from bots or competitors trying to drive your bill up and put you out of business before you ever get off the ground. Trust me, it happens all the time.

Grassroots Marketing

Twitch Analytics for Aug 8-24 for

Earlier this month I had the crazy idea to put the brand inside of the Madden 19 game during every highlight and then make clips of those highlights on Twitch. If you're not aware, highlight clips are (according to Twitch) the most viewed videos on Twitch.

So far it's been a pretty good month in viewership on the videos and over 4,000 unique visitors have been exposed to the URL during live streams and even more in clips. The BROCFML channel on Twitch has grown from 10 viewers to 117 simply streaming simulated Madden games without much promotion at all.

I plan on increasing the promotion for the channel over the next few weeks on some of the other BRO Sports & Gaming (bro-delegate) websites we run, like The BROsino, CryptoBrosef, the upcoming BRO Poker website along with an improved BROCFML website.

Modding Is Hard

Not really, it's just hard to learn everything and there is soooo much to learn! In the near future I'm going to start learning to create (the easy part) custom fields and insert them into Madden (the hard part) so that the Scorum brand will be present at all times, versus during highlights only.

Since the live stream channel is growing faster than I anticipated for a simulated game with zero interaction with viewers, outside of chat, I want to get as much exposure as I can for Scorum and other brands I like (looking at you Quaker Oats).

Mock up example for this post. I hope to achieve a far superior look when I tackle this.
mmm Quaker Oats. Maybe Vlad will be the next announcer!

Live Stream

If you'd like to see this brosef grassroots marketing in action, check out the BROCFML live stream below! I'm generally streaming during my waking hours, which change randomly, cuz coffee ... So I'm able to hit a very wide audience at all times.

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