Hello Scorum Community and Friends, in this update I will inform you of the current status of Scorum and fill everyone in on upcoming updates and future plans.

First I want to discuss the difficulties that we have faced in launching the Scorum project utilizing blockchain technology in a new and emerging cryptocurrency market. If getting the technology correct was the only difficulty that we had to face then we would have received high grades for launching multiple first in space platforms successfully. Unfortunately we also needed to be good at marketing, community management, and securing positions on high volume Exchanges. We have obviously made some mistakes that would give us a much lower grade for these aspects of the business. But the good news is that we are learning from these mistakes and we expect to do better as we move into the future and attempt to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. We are confident that we can use these lessons learned for the benefit Scorum as the cryptocurrency market itself turns around and begins to grow again.

We started the Scorum Project loaded with optimism fully expecting the world to begin mass adoption of this new blockchain technology right away. Obviously mass adoption has not happened yet and many of the projects like Scorum that launched in 2017 full of hope for a bright future, instead met a wall of adversity and a collapsing cryptocurrency market. If you look around you can find many such projects that have folded, some having never even launched their product. But Scorum has weathered this storm and trudged through a long crypto Winter, and we are still alive and well. But we have not come through this unscathed though, we have been forced to reduce the size of the development team to cut our operating costs and we have reworked our road map to provide an alternate income stream for the project.

It is quite obvious that operational income is vital for any project on the market, and when that market is in decline it becomes very difficult to secure investment funding. In order to correct operational deficits we decided to concentrate on building a centralized sportsbook because this is currently the best way to quickly create sports betting related income. When we connect this centralized sportsbook to the Scorum project it will serve to increase our operating income as well as driving a new stream of web traffic to the Scorum platform. It is also important to understand that we do not use ICO money for developing Sportsbook.

We launched our centralized sports book demo prototype (https://sportsbook-staging.scorum.work/en-us) and it is currently working fine with both Google Chrome and Android browsers. As of now there are many features that we have yet to implement and we will be taking our time utilizing all of our experience from building and updating Betscorum to complete this project step by step. Progress has been hampered somewhat because we have been forced to switch to a more reliable sports statistics provider. This process is already finalized, we’ve switched to another provider of statistics for ScorumBet — top-1 stats provider “Betradar”. This will significantly improve our experience when adding new sports to ScorumBet and we expect everything to work seamlessly with the accuracy and precision that you have come to expect from us

We are also continuing to work on the Scorum blockchain project as well, currently we are running the final checks before implementing two updates:

  • The Mobile Version of the Scorum Blogging platform, which we expect to provide a better user experience and drive more Search Engine traffic toward the Scorum platform 
  • Small improvements in the wallet

Beyond these updates we are also working to improve our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) profile so that our overall site traffic continues to grow.)

I know that there have been some concerns in the community about our marketing strategy. At this time there is only one efficient strategy available to us and that is SEO. The cost of other types of marketing campaigns is prohibitive for us right now. But if you look around at other projects in the industry (quora.com, medium.com, steemit.com etc.) you will see that it is normal for SEO to be the main goal. If you want to dig deeper into this you can check out similarweb.com as a service to search out web traffic sources. We check into all of your suggestions and if we find other cost effective ways to promote Scorum we will certainly implement them as a priority.

Right now though we need your help as we work on improving our SEO blockchain as a tech optimization. We need more links to Scorum posted on as many domains as possible, so we need current relative sports or tech related content being posted regularly on the Scorum blogging platform, and it would be very helpful if as many of you as possible shared links to those blogs across social media and any other domains that you can. You can make comments on other platforms about similar material and then provide a link in your comment back to a blog on Scorum. Also make sure that you add Betscorum links wherever you see blogs or articles about sports gambling on the web. Any reasonable place that you can find to post a link to Scorum would be great, the more varied the domains the better for our SEO score which in turn means more web traffic to Scorum

I know that many of you in the community have become discouraged and I can’t blame you for that. But our core team of developers are committed to Scorum and we are very optimistic for our future success. We will continue working and pushing towards our ultimate goal of mass adoption of the world’s first complete Sports Media Center built on blockchain technology. It is our sincere hope that you will continue to support these efforts and work with us toward this goal. If we succeed, and I believe that we will, then we will all be able to look back one day with pride and say “I helped build something that changed and improved the sports world forever!”

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and for being a part of the Scorum family!