First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Despite the fact this year was another difficult year for the crypto industry, as well as for Scorum, it is also the history of the development of blockchain-solutions, and we all create it.

We would like to share with you the results of 2019 and our realistic plans for 2020.

Positive aspects:

  • With the exception of minor bugs, platforms are fully functional and work correctly, which was our main goal — to launch a working product.
  • Number of users on the platform is constantly growing.
  • The volume of SEO traffic is also increasing (see the screenshot below).

Despite everything, the project lives its own life and users like it, and we are glad to see it.

Negative aspects:

  • We haven't so far added new sports to ScorumBet and launch Betty again. The reason for this is the difficulty in working with data providers. Good suppliers are too expensive for the current state of the project. Next year we will do our best to rectify the situation.
  • It was not possible to allocate a lot of time for technical improvements. The main reason is the difficulty with financing, since the development is now carried out not at the expense of ICO money, but at the company's expense. At the moment, we do not have as many opportunities to invest in Scorum as we would like.
  • Fewer updates from the project team. This is directly related to the points above. When not much has been done — not much can be said. We have never been a project that tries to imitate vigorous activity and work.

ICO funds

As I promised earlier, we want to share specific numbers related to the ICO in order to answer, perhaps, the main question that worried the community for a year: why the funds raised at the ICO ended so quickly.

We received money from Escrow in the spring of 2018, after the launch of the blockchain. At that moment, due to the situation on the market, the amount we received was approximately $ 1.3-1.4M.

About 80% went to employee salaries for project development. The development of blockchain project on the Grafen framework is very expensive. The remaining funds were spent on exchange listings, performance marketing, servers support and other services (anti-plagiarism, tools/equipment for developers and designers, etc.).

Our plans for the next year

  • Place adds from centralised betting companies to monetise SEO traffic. Then the advertising space on the platform will begin to work effectively. Unfortunately, other types of advertising do not bring proper results.
  • Continue to develop activities for tipsters on Scorum.
  • Whenever possible, make technical improvements to the Scorum platforms.

Happy New Year everyone! Let's work together to make the next year more successful for Scorum than the current one.