• I am a silent observer.
  • I am a Nigerian and co-founder of Scorumnigeria.
  • All points raised on this post have been investigated and not just hearsay.
  • Names will be mentioned.
Civil war " A war between citizens of the same country". Associating this with the Scorum blockchain means war between Scorum members.

I heard about Scorum via a steemit post where they urged users to join as either translator or proofreader. I applied and the rest is history.

Joining Scorum was fun and bringing in new members was even more fun.

I was opportuned to meet @tosyne2much and @scorumnigeria was born. Together and with the help of other members we accomplished certain tasks such as advertising Scorum to over 180million Nigerians.

It was fun in the beginning and the bond was there. The Scorum team have also been great. The world cup reward pool, their response to Williams activity, phishing links made the beginning superb.

Months later a new problem arose. Many fake sport personalities accounts were created in a bid to rape the reward pool. The community stood up against it. This shows the tight bond then.

Another wave of problems with users plagiarising contents appeared and the Scorum team duly responded. Every problem was resolved in days.

A new problem

There have been flagging issues going on for some days now.

Let's take a look at the flagging reasons.

  • Spam
  • Plagiarism
  • Disagreement on rewards
  • Hate speech or internet trolling
  • Poorly designed or written content

Due to the rise of abuse on the platform, we now have some users devoting some of their time to cleanse the platform.

Popular among them are @rougebot, @unchained, @mikey, @nhl, @philnewton. I say kudos to you for finding time for this extra works.

I have been with Scorum from the beginning and have been quite active too. The results may not reflect in my SP but take me as one of the cells that makes the body function.

  • I remember checking member posts for plagiarism via edubirdie before curation. This was not an easy task.
  • I remember busting a multi-account user and reporting to Scorum admin in September before @rougebot busted the same ring December last year.
  • I remember wading into @tosyne2much racism issue with @philnewton and he apologized after my chat with him.
  • I remember chatting up numerous users enlightening them on the do's and don't of Scorum.

It is safe to say I have Scorum at heart and want the best for the platform. I am happy that we have more users willing to do the same.

However, some of their actions have been questionable.

Recently @unchained flagged @brandonk post at 80% which means disagreement on rewards. The reason was low quality and not sufficient content as @jodcarey pointed out.

This makes me wonder when word count equals quality. I will quote @jodcarey here word count isn't everything, it does reflect to a degree whether an article actually explores a topic to a meaningful depth. I call this nonsense. Quality is quality. If you can pass out the information needed in 2 lines, that post is quality.

Quality means - The standard of something as measured against other things of similar kind.

What are we comparing with here? Do we have a minimum word count here? Oh! @jodcarey listed some posts that had lower votes with higher word count. I guess that's the standard. Well, I decide to use a Scorum announcement as standard. It earned 213.77 SCR so it means it's accepted and thus I want to use it as standard to gauge other posts.

This is common sense. Word count doesn't equate quality, it never does. I say it's a case of witch hunting and this sort of activities should be looked into.

@Tosyne2much post here got flagged recently by @philnewton, @waveyourflags, and @ats-david at 100% which is for plagiarism and spam or mis-categorized content.

@ats-david gave a reason - I will be downvoting these posts as I see them for the simple reason of them adding zero value to the platform.

@philnewton - Desire for people to earn from thos discussion on almost weekly basis

@waveyourflags - none

@ats-david believe posts related to Scorum issues do not add value to the platform. It translates to accepting things as they come. It means turning a blind eye on the ongoing nepotism on Scorum.

Who does that. @ats-david clearly believe the upvote and downvote functions are there for members to use anyway they like.

It's a decentralised platform and users can decide what to do with their SP and platform functions. I strongly believe with this thinking, the future is bleak. I can go on a downvoting streak citing the above reason. That is not the way things are done and I hope you change your opinions. Considering the fact you are part of bro-delegate makes it disheartening to hear those words coming from you. I urge members to reconsider their witness votes for bro-delegate witness. They are not worthy of the top 20 position with your stance on this serious issue.

Back to @philnewton. We talked a couple of times in the Scorum writers channel and it has been cool.

Well, I don't see it cool anymore.

Words can't be retracted but when the user apologize the matter should be gone. I don't expect you to laugh, joke, or chat with @tosyne2much after the racist issue. I expect you to turn him off, forget he exist, but nope you didn't.

You decide to monitor his posts and attack him at any slight opportunity. Your 100% flag on his recent post says it all. Citing a nonsense reason, you went and abuse the flag feature.

  • Do you know the amount earned on topics related to the coming Tottenham Vs Manchester united match?
  • Do you know the amount earned on betting topics on a daily basis?
  • Do you know the amount earned on topics related to Modric award weeks after the ceremony?

You are clearly saying Yo guys, it's wrong to pitch in your opinion on an ongoing discussion.

  • What is wrong in contributing to an ongoing discussion?
  • gather your fixture stats from a single website?

I call your action Bullshit. This is a clear case of blockchain bullying and hatred. In the words of Pete, why can't you leave people you don't go along with alone. Why are you so obsessed with them? You pained with their earnings when it's still a far cry from the huge ones on your posts coming from your circle.

Why not leave a comment detailing your opinion. You think C'mon he called me racist and yeah there's an opportunity to flag his post.

The truth is you are harbouring the racist word and hiding behind your nonsense reason to get back at him.

@philnewton don't you have better things to do with your SP. Run a patronage initiative like @sport-frei and not the sham you called helping undervalued posts. I get a better suggestion though. Power down your SP and back some market on Betscorum. I am sure users will appreciate that rather than your continuous unabated bullying.

The same goes for all of you so called cleansers on.the platform. You all hiding behind that with other thoughts to get back at a user. You have the SP and the circle, you believe you can intimidate others. The truth is collective power is greater than anything else. Your 100k cummulative SP is nothing compared to 5000 members SP.

Users like @nhl and @rougebot are some of the real cleanser out there and I commend them for a job well done.

I urge Scorum team to look into this issue very well and find a solution in earnest. Issues like this if not resolved quickly may consume the platform.

@philnewton upvoting a less than 250 words post

Comments being upvoted all in the name of visibility. This is a common occurrence between this so called circle and it's certainly a case of reward pool rape.

Scorum is a platform destined to be the next big thing in the sport world and with the likes of @unchained @jodcarey @philnewton @talesfrmthecryt and their cohorts, getting there is almost impossible. I urge them to rethink their actions as they risk running the platform down.

It's time this madness stop. The complaints are getting much everyday and you have been found wrong most times. Step back and take a chill because you are not the only investor here.

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