I don’t want to write this but I don’t have any option than to. This post starts with the bad/hate and ends with the good/solution.

I have been called smart mouth, big mouth, plagiarism supporter etc. You forgot to call me a realist or a seer who saw the impending doom that is now here. Where is the Shitlist, the blacklist, the word counters, spelling checkers? All counts for nothing now.

NB: if you hate what is up there, kindly power down and sell your SCR on hotbit, Openledger, Sistemkoin. Let’s see if you will recoup quarter of your investment not to talk of half.

The truth

The days of BTC at 19k, 20k dollars is over. Investors are very conscious on projects they are going to invest on. No-one wants to invest in a shit project. Forget the interface, Scorum is a Steemit fork. Whaleshares, Weku, Bearshares, Vit, Jamaa, and Sprtshub are all forks of steemit.

  • WLS is currently trading at $0.011
  • VIT is currently trading at $0.000672
  • SCR is currently trading at $0.015426
  • Sprtshub SHC is selling at $0.0021 pending an exchange listing
  • Weku is selling at $0.00384

What do you think the Steemit forks similarities are? Dpos, Low price, Witnesses etc. What about differences? They all look similar but Scorum is different. Scorum is a solid project.

Like it or not, Steemit is struggling and so is every platform that copies the steemit model. No serious investors will buy your coin NOW because you lock it up as SP for certain weeks. They want a better use case. Steemit is to undergo a new hardfork soon that will look to implement a new economic model. This is where Scorum excels. There is the blogging platform, betscorum, internal advertisement, posibility of a photo-database among numerous other potential opportunities. You can see that Scorum is for all.

Why is SCR price low when the project is solid?

The answer is no-one knows about Scorum. The little that know either left because of the hostile nature of some members or fail to bring people in because of the hostile nature of some members. That is the bitter truth. I won’t bring some one into this kind of environment.

Enough of all this side-talks Zoneboy. What is the way forward?

SCR is listed on SIstemkoin, Hotbit, and Openledger. Both Sistemkoin and Hotbit practice wash trading. Openledger is not so good for the development of a solid project. Changing exchange is not a permanent solution. Moving to Binance or any top exchange will only pump the price for a while. Steem Huobi listing is an example. We need a listing solution. We need a huger presence on the web.

Advertising Scorum is the answer

Not many predicted the bear market to be this long thus affecting most projects, Scorum is not an exception. The over 5million dollars raised is not even worth a quarter again. Well, we don’t need to whine over that again, we need a lasting solution. That solution is advertising Scorum.

Can you see the difference. Active accounts by vs the semi-active twitter account of Scorum.

You don’t need to break the bank before your name get heard out there. You just need someone to manage your social media accounts. Many shit projects are making waves out there simply because of the promotion. The FOMO announcements. You only need an internet enabled device and someone dedicated for the work.

Using twitter as an example.

Portugal played Switzerland with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a hat-trick. Social media went crazy. Perfect time to jump on the trend. Tweet a scorum post talking about the match preview or Ronaldo while also selling the platform to investors and sport enthusiasts.
There is a contest termed My favourite stadium going on. What about a tweet saying Get the chance to win so-so dollars worth of SCR in our ongoing writers contest.

These are little things that brings immense success. You want to have the Binance, CZ, and Justin Sun effect, you stay relevant. CZ will reply to anything Binance. We saw him reply to one of our members tweet. Jump on anything sport, retweet, interact, and see the after effect. The project is there, the visibility is what is lacking. You don’t need to pay a dime to get Scorum out there to the masses. A 5% out of the 20% SCR set for marketing is more than enough to polish this Diamond to be worn on the best of necks. Once in 2 months tweet won’t get us anywhere.

Next option

Giving sub-communities the required support. The best form of advertisement is through the word of mouth. Nothing spreads like word of mouth. I tell a friend, he tells another friend and so on. He trusted me, so he is telling someone else and so on. Trust.

We had numerous active sub-communities. The Italian, Nigerian, India, bangladesh community and so on then. The vibe went down a little now and I can give the names of the active users offhand.

Is Scorum team ready to give huge delegations to these communities? Huge in the sense of catering for hundreds of potential active users coming in.

Come for the money and stay for the community. Well, this is come for the money, invest to make more money. Maybe we don’t need a huge investor, maybe we just need 500 active users with the desire to be a pro, have more influence. Maybe that’s what we need, the 500 active users going to hotbit to buy SCR and power up or place bets, then invite other people and the circle goes on.

You can’t have an active presence on Social media, you should be able to encourage people to spread the news. It’s a delegation and doesn’t cost a thing.

Call me a seer or realist. I predicted this present situation 5 months ago, I gave a way out 2 months ago. I am giving another solution now. I pray the solutions suggested are taken into deep consideration. The future I am seeing is _____. I will remind you then.

Let me know your thoughts below.