BSCR bridge

A major milestone has been achieved that will provide more usecase for bscr.

The BSCR bridge is live and active. It will enable bscr holders to convert their bscr token to scr which will let them enjoy the numerous perks scorum offers.

Steps to convert BSCR to SCR

  • Visit in your trustwallet browser or any bep20 compliant browser
  • Connect your wallet holding the bscr token and you can see the total bscr you have from the page
  • Enter the amount you wish to convert to bscr
  • Enter your scorum username in the note field
  • Click transfer
  • You will get your SCR in your scorum wallet
  • You can watch the working video via this link

Steps to convert SCR to BSCR

  • Visit and login using your scorum private key
  • Input bscr in the Username field and your bep20 wallet address in the Exchange Memo field, input the amount to transfer
  • Click Send and confirm the transaction
  • You will get your BSCR in your bep20 wallet

Upcoming Developments in August

  • A bridge pool will be created to reward users who stake their BSCR and SCR.
  • The SpiritSwap bridge to enable staking and farming is undergoing extensive testing
  • Boosted odds offering on betscorum
  • Airdrop tokens for users who utilizes bscr bridge


The roadmap is closely followed and we are in line to deliver everything specified there. Catch a glimpse of the roadmap below.


How will the bscr price aligns with scr own?

The bridge has been programmed to only send the value of whatever is received to the user. An example is Alice sends $100 worth of BSCR to the bridge address which then sends $100 worth of SCR to the user. This works the other way too.

What can I do after converting BSCR to SCR?

You can stake your bridged bscr and curate contents on the or or any of the language domains to earn more. You can also place bets on which is the first decentralised commission free betting exchange in the world.

I don't want to bet and curate.

Hang in there buddy. A bridge with SpiritSwap is undergoing testing. This means you will be able to stake bscr and farm tokens. A pool is coming where you can earn extra tokens for providing liquidity for the bridge.

A NFTMarketplace is also coming in November. This is the best time to scoop bscr at an unbelievable low price.