Scorum / abuser

The Curious Case of @elohim4 Button!
For some time now I have become quite uncompromising with any kind of abuse or attempted abuse by users on Scorum. Today I want to bring back the case of an Italian user who with his way of doing, is tricking the system. I'll show you his modus operandi and then the community and the user in question will decide what to do. Premise: the user has been warned several times by Girolamo and today also by me but he always chose to ignore us.His modus operandi:Recommend a bet with a photo of the match and writing where and when you will play. Then publish the post. Sometimes it translates the post and that same bet te publishes it in 2-3 domains. After a little, 100% self-vote, he has 4.5K SP at the moment. Choose a random game, write (or copy?) 5 presentation sentences and puff. Publish the post. He translates it and republishes it in other 1 or 2 domains. After a while, 100% self-vote. Evidence: I do not post any others but you can open his profile and all his posts are of this mold. I'm sorry to do such a post, I would never really do it. But do you think if someone like me with 30K SP or someone like Stimp with 130K SP did something like that? They would be enriched in terms of certain SP but the platform would lose all value and with it also SCR / SP. We must combat these behaviors! Edit: The user has admitted that he was wrong and had selfish behavior. He promised to change and make better posts and help the community. We trust and hopefully become one of the strengths of the Italian and international community.

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