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Why The Blogging Platform Is Important
Some of our members seem to blow off the blogging platform as an unimportant or useless part of the Scorum Economic Model. These members do not fully understand the Sports Media Industry or how the Scorum Economy will work as mass adoption of blockchain technology begins to take place. I want to try and prove here why the development team for Scorum is light years ahead of these more narrow minded views. I say this because the Scorum developers spent several years studying this industry for commercialization under the current economic system, but quickly saw the benefits of converting their research knowledge over to the emerging blockchain based economic system. Scorum represents the leading edge of this new technology and we are first in space, a huge leg up. Watch this video that reveals the current dynamics of marketing and note the direction that it is heading. Without even realizing it the creators of this video were advertising for a blockchain platform just like Scorum because we can provide exactly what the new emerging "Mediapreneurs" and Advertisers need to become fantastically successful. The future of the Scorum blogging platform is not just about people like me that want to have an online voice and have the ability to talk about my favorite teams, it is also about sports influencers and personalities who along with their promotional brands will be able to take advantage of blockchain social media technology to not only sell themselves and their products, but also reward all of their followers and fans! If just one sports advertiser were to bring their sponsored athlete over to Scorum, then they could build their very own targeted audience and advertise directly to them right here on Scorum without having to depend on third parties to know if their ad links were being used by that target audience. Not only could they build their own target audience here, but they could also reward the athlete that is promoting their product and all of that persons fan base just because those ads are in place! Not to mention the built in reward system of Scorum itself! It is a win win situation for everyone and the only reason that it has not caught on yet is because these athletes and the corporations who sponsor them have yet to fully realize the possibilities. It is like it is too good to be true and they are all waiting to see if projects like Scorum are really going to succeed, and by doing so they are missing out on the golden opportunity of being the first to take the leap. That first athlete and or sponsor will reap huge rewards that those who follow will have a difficult time of matching. You may go to bed one night with SCR still selling on the exchanges for $0.02 or less and wake up the next morning to the biggest surprise of your life as that first big investor moves in to take advantage of these opportunities. There is nothing in the crypto space that is like the Scorum Economic Model and there is nothing, not even Bitcoin that can match its wealth building potential. The reason I can confidently say this is because I can see what the developers were shooting for and how they have leveraged their understanding of how the Sports Industry works and its needs onto blockchain technology which is uniquely qualified to meet those needs. They had the vision to build Scorum on a type of blockchain that can scale to meet the high demand required to move that huge industry over to the blockchain, and now we wait for the market to realize that we are here and that they need us!

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