Scorum / baseball

50 SCR still up for grabs primetimesports 8/21 update: Rebirth
Hey guys Swolesome here on behalf of primetimesports. So google could not verify personal details on my account so cannot use the account to host our witness. We are in the process of migrating servers for the witness campaign. It requires no action on your guys' part we are just predicating ourselves on being as transparent as possible. We also have a new discord server. The past 24 hours have been..interesting, between this and google's verification errors. A hacker got a hold of a private key and wiped our beloved server. The speed and ferocity of the team to invite everyone back and build up the rooms and settings is spectacular. Almost all of the 1,700 members are on their way back. The podcast with myself and @mikey will not be affected by these changes. They will still be recorded live on the server. The core that is rekindling it is white-hot. Come say hi and help us in the rebirth of the smartmediagroup discord. In other news. The fantasy baseball contest is going swimmingly. @mikey is neck and neck for the prize of 50 SCR.It is still open to all.If you want to try your crack at baseball and practice before it gets added to Scorum. Then let's play ball! Shout out to our female members from South America. They have really taken charge of the re-invitations. And they keep referring to it as a rebirth like a phoenix from ashes.Primetimesport Phoneixes has a nice ring no?