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The Irony Over So Many Disputes, Scorum's Purpose and It's Disappearance Into the Abyss
I'm sure many people have seen the movie Ant Man where he shrinks so small he descends into the never ending microscopic realm of quantum physics. Eventually he becomes an insignificant tiny molecule for want of a more scientically accurate term. I feel this is the way Scorum is heading, its descending so far deep into the abyss or shrinking so rapidly it will soon feel like it never existed and lost with it will be such trivial times where we all took part in many a dispute over the platform including my own petty squabbles. Those were times where we all cared because we thought it was going to be the next big thing in this market. Fast forward a year later and It's irrelevant who was right or wrong as all those discussions could and most likely will have meant nothing. Quietly this project will slip into the night and vanish as if it was some rediculous urban myth that your pal in the local water hole would scoff at should you be so bold as to mention you actually saw it reveal itself in plain sight one murky surreal night. "Scorum you say, don't be ludicrous, such an entity is a merely children's tale lad, you must have had one too many shots of bourbon, don't get yourself all excited now, run along home" your mate would say with a look of amusement as if your talking the biggest load of horse manure he's had to tolerate all week. Perhaps your mate would be right though, maybe you were deceived by your own eyes or desire to dream of something different, to think such an urban myth could ever be true. After all who has ever heard of a commission free betting exchange in the crypto sphere. Its like a golden lamp nestled at the top of a cave in Arabia, the likes that only a diamond in the rough could have grasped and successfully wielded for the greater good of the people. (Yes the Aladin remake is worth watching!) And so fellow chums I bid you all farewell for the night as I play the role of the drunken scoundrel who dared to dream of discovering the urban myth, the golden lamp and sharing in its potential power with many of you. Scorum will reside itself to being that bed time tale no one really thinks was ever real, its just a story, a funny little tale, concocted as a mere piece of entertainment! Maybe I will wake up and this tale will prove me wrong... Then again I can only dream..
Expecting More Sports this Summer for Bet Scorum, But When in the Summer Exactly?
Like many here that have their doubts about whether more sports will be added to Bet Scorum this summer (the summer has begun by the way, we are now in June - so they should be added very soon), I expect that statement and commitment to be honoured. Let me explain further, for someone to say sports will be added in the Summer, that means they are already working on updating Bet Scorum, so the only reason this won't happen now is (a) The Team stop work and do not honour their pledge (b) The work isn't being done and the statement was false. At this point I don't care for either of those reasons, I do think the team should deliver on their promise and add the extra sports. They should be ready soon. Vlad said their will be more sports this summer and to be honest I cannot see much difference between now and the end of August which is when the summer officially ends. So I should be expecting the upgrade to the exchange mid summer in all fairness. For me if we don't see a meaningful update to Bet Scorum in the next two and half months it's the nail in the coffin concerning the founders and the teams interest and enthusiasm in the project. As one of the original investors who put 0.85 ETH (not the biggest amount but still a good investment) in the project I am still hopeful that this project isn't dead but like so many, "actions speak louder than words" and while we have heard a few things said on telegram and such, they are just words, we are all waiting for actions. I have been one of the users actively selling some SCR on hotbit and converting to ENJ as I have plans to use that coin for my own projects. Many others have sold some of their SCR and why not? Regardless of the price people have a right to buy or sell when they please and if people are relying on the principal of hoarding alone to inflate the SCR price, then it's dead in the pan already. A healthy project should have a good demand and supply, not just one way. I am really big blogger, I have blogged and written on many different topics for 13 years now and I still like to write daily on sports, but not for $2 or $3 per article. I still write today concerning my day to day work. I'd feel very disappointed if this project was to be abandoned by those that took a lot of funds from people to start with including myself. But we are not quiet at that stage yet and I am keeping an open mind, yet I remain somewhat sceptical in my mind until I see a meaningful push on Bet Scorum. Right now I am 40% believing they will add something and 60% sceptical. This isn't about who likes who or anything personal, but I think any fair minded person can see this platform and project has not had any meaningful update for a long time and some of the updates suggested by one or two users here simply involve one tech guy to work on it. For example as someone who optimises websites for mobile on a daily basis - that is a very easy job to do, and requires a maximum of just two days turn around by an experienced web developer tops. I am not sure if any of founders themselves have such tech skills but if they did, they could have implemented themselves. The alternative is they simply allow users to help take control of the platform and development. I am not saying any particular user should do it, but atleast offer people the opportunity to help if you are struggling yourself with the technicalities because you cannot afford to keep a dev team going. Let's wait and see, but as the next 2 and half months tick on people will become even more sceptical that anything will likely be delivered at all.
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