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BetScorum Destiny?
As you may already have seen, the Scorum development team has issued brand new roadmap for 2019… As we can see it, it is a long and winding road. With a pair of questions.First…As much as I appreciate the efforts of the team to make an adaptive design, why is this a priority? Priority should be reviving of the Betting Exchange, so the people would have a content to see. You can have most adaptive design in the World, but what’s the point if the contents looks like this: Empty. Four games on April 18th and practically nothing on April 19th. Are we already in a Zombie Mode? Who is going to enjoy a perfectly designed platform without contents? Wouldn’t it be much easier to add a few more sports and then use the objections of users to make the best design? Priority should be more users. More sports = more users.Or maybe…In the Roadmap we can see an announcement of the Centralized Sports Book Q2/Q3 2019. That looks like a very good idea that could improve revenue for the platform owners. But what will be the relation with BetScorum Exchange? Are we going to see a sacrifice of Betting Exchange in favor of Centralized Sports Book? With the current pace of development, I don’t see a prospect of developing two platforms in parallel, since the one for which everybody had high hopes was going so slow. You know, there is some competition on the net, that may use its chance.Wouldn’t it be wiser to develop what you have, instead of having half-baked product and start a new one while leaving disappointed users to the competition?Betman thinks that Betting Exchange and Centralized Sports Book could work in perfect synchronicity, but… who asks Betman? I would like to see some more detail from the team, and regular posts (say every two weeks) that could give us some sense of progress.Right?

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