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Scorum SBC League
With the re-launch of Betscorum last month, the SBC has been putting in some efforts to promote the use of the platform and hopefully give it some more adoption. The 5000 SCR Giveaway this month has over 50 participants of which most will be using the Betting Exchange and get their share of the rewards for it. We also have been thinking about bringing the SBC League to Scorum and this post will explain some of the basic ideas behind it... SBC Objectives Something that we as the SBC all have in common, is that we strongly believe in blockchain technology and how it will revolutionize the Sports Betting industry. Steemit came along bringing about a brand new way to interact while getting some earnings from content. This used to be mainly possible by starting some kind of service when it comes down to sports betting content. It was a great way to find like-minded people, but some fundamental flaws in the Steemit ecosystem along with the platform not really being sports oriented and the lack of real power we had, made it a quite difficult to really expand there. Scorum came along and brought about a far more suitable platform for us. I reviewed Scorum 8 months ago (See Post) and it has delivered far more than my quite positive view back than could have imagined. Scorum Solves A Problem When it comes down to Blockchain Projects, the most important question is always "what problem is being solved" and if it is done in a sustainable way. Once there is a working product it is all a matter of Supply and Demand. Supply > Demand = Price goes Down Demand > Supply = Price goes Up! Supply ~ Demand = Stable Price Scorum arguably only offers a solution to 1 major problem right now which is "traditional bookmaker margins". The betting markets are getting more efficient year by year and actually earning substantial money from bookmakers is getting harder because overcoming the commissions and fees on its own is already a challenge for most sports bettors. Being able to bet with 0% fees is a really big deal and this is right now by far the biggest selling point for SCR. One of the bigger reason why Sports Betting related content (like it or not) is doing well on Scorum is because that's where most of the demand and the money come from. Many of the bigger accounts that have invested real money into this platform are here mostly for the Sports Betting. Betscorum also gives a real valid reason for people to actually buy and use SCR. Betscorum Exposure Scorum could not have started off at a worse timing given the 2018 bear market after the ICO craze and it can not compete with the marketing budgets of existing bookmakers in order to get better exposure. One of the main benefits right now of having a blogging platform is that it gives Scorum an existing community that can help advertise the platform. The main purpose of the SBC League is to help distribution of SCR to a target audience that will be using the betting exchange, increase the overall quality of betting related posts on the blogging platform and have an extra selling point to hopefully convince more online sports bettors to try out the platform. Basically, increase the overall demand which should help the price go up over time and make betscorum even better and more active with bigger volumes to bet. SBC League The idea behind the SBC League is fairly simple and has been working well on Steemit for some time now. Everyone who wants to blog about their bets and is willing to use a unified way of posting the actual bets also properly keeping track of their results will be able to get support from an account that will be dedicated to upvote these posts. Each month everyone is expected to make a results roundup posts and some prizes will be rewarded based on these. We learned a lot from running the SBC League on Steemit and want to avoid some of the issues that giving support this way can bring about. The idea is to work with different upvote tiers where everyone who is willing to put in the time an effort is able to climb up the ladder and get bigger upvotes over time. While we are not yet sure how to do this in the fairest and constructive way, these are some ideas what can be expected to get bigger support. How long someone has been Active Steemit is known for its high failure rate of people starting a blog and quitting shortly after because they realize that doing it properly is very time demanding and not exactly a way to earn quick money. Scorum is no different and the longer someone is on the platform, the more likely they are to stay for the long run. This loyalty and consistency can translate in bigger upvotes. Overall Post Quality Betting posts are often seen as poor quality containing a limited amount of information aside from the actual bets and often a sloppy cover picture that looks terrible on the front page. We don't really want to encourage this and will make good overall post quality a big requirement in order to get into a higher support tier. Betting Style While everyone is free to have their own way of betting, some styles are just objectively more solid than other. Crazy chase systems and so on won't be tolerated. If you want to get up, you better adopt a good way of going about things Amount of Posts The maximum amount of upvotes will likely be 1 each day. Those who have a more selective betting style with solid reasonings should quickly be able to get bigger support. Community Engagement One of the more difficult things on Steemit was to get members interacting with each other. We don't want people to just make their daily post and that's it. Genuine interactions are of great value on this platform or the SBC Discord. The ones who take the time to do so will be able to get more support. Supporting the Community Something that was also seen on Steemit is that very few of the ones joining the SBC League were actually upvoting each other. The idea is to grow as a group and the ones who actually do this are more deserving of bigger upvotes. Buying / Holding SP If we want the SCR price to go up and grow as a group we need people that are willing to buy or hold SP. It is a sign of long-term commitment and will be a factor in the support given. Betscorum Betting Volume The ones who are actually using betscorum provide a great added value to the entire platform. Betting higher volume should earn bigger rewards blogposts also. Willingness to take initiative If we want the platform to grow, we need more people who are willing to go out of their way and actually take some initiative to make things happen. There are plenty of ways this can be done ranging from coding some tools to contacting sports bettors online convincing them to try out the platform. This quality to step up is one of the most valuable of them all, unfortunately it's also rather rare.Being genuine and having Passion It's hard to describe it exactly, but there is a difference between the ones that tend to go through the motions mostly for the rewards and the ones that do it all with passion and love for the game not caring so much about getting bigger post earnings. The 2nd group most of the time will do a lot better. Report Abusers One of the main difficulties of the SBC League right now is the fact that it really easy to fake / manipulate betting results. While results on their own won't be that important of a factor, it is inevitable that there will be some who want to cheat the system. The idea is for the community to keep an eye out for this rewarding the ones that spot inconsistencies. ... For now, these are still just some ideas and there is nothing set in stone yet on how, when, how much, ... It would be nice to hear suggestions in the comments below for those who would be interested to join the SBC League!