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The State of Scorum
If you didn't know, we won't be listed on Bittrex, and what that means for us That Sadness Yeah, I know, those are pretty f***g sad news. Every time I am trying to convince myself this platform is awesome, I have a slap in the face. But we can either sit in a corner crying or get working and make this platform the best one ever. I've talked to the devs this morning and they have plans for a better mobile experience and an updated experience for the wallet. I also suggested we have a tool to connect dApps to the platform and you won't believe it but they said: Yes. it’s important, really. We will think about it. I will discuss Inside our team. This will allow third-party development on the platform and we all know people love those dApps. Plus it will allow trust between Scorum, the users and the developers so I really think it's a win-win situation. Bet Bot Updates (35 SCR) Another good news. BetBot will now match you up to 35 SCR PER DAY. Yes! You heard that right! THIRDYFIV ESSCEEHAR. I really need a pirate gif for that. So if you wanna challenge the unbeatable - ok not-so-unbeatable - bot, come to my discord server and have fun. Have a good day all. And let's hope the news is better sooner than later ;) Edit: Moar Updates from the developers I have a some idea to make some step towards the scorum connect idea.. and it’s extension for chrome, which can sign transactions. like a meta mask. But I need to think about it and test some assumptions
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