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1 Post on Scorum > 8 months on Steemit: My Experience (& Verification)
Hey Scorum community! I wanted to make a post about my experience during short time here on Scorum and some noteworthy accomplishments as well as draw a comparison to steemit on some regards that I have experienced here so far :-) Recognition First of all I want to say that the community here is very welcoming and I appreciate all the greetings and welcoming's from everyone. From day one, I received an amazing welcome from the community and some awesome recognition. Tons of comments and upvotes which really provide a morale booster for newcomers. It's a great feeling to gain recognition for your hard work. However, apparently I didn't actually verify myself in my introduction post with a paper holding my username or other methods the way it's done on steemit. I'm happy to say that someone from the scorum community went as far as to reach out to me on another social media platform where I post content Not to mention it is not a very well-known site and one of the members of the scorum community took the time to look me up, create an account there, send me a private message and verify that I am the real @soccerfoodie and that my content is not being stolen. I understand that on the blockchain it can be hard to verify people but for me, someone going that far just to verify one member is quite astonishing and amazing. I would give a shout out the the person but I'm not sure if he would want it or not so if you do just let me know I will throw it in here. Oh and here's some verification :-) 2. Voting Power Here's the big one, really the main reason why my title to this post is 1 Post on Scorum > 8 months on Steemit. I did an introduction post on scorum which had a payout of $154. I'm not too familiar with the economics of Scorum yet but one thing I would like to mention is that my voting power at 100% on Scorum is worth somewhere around 0.20 after only one post payout (I don't know how or where to check for 100% accuracy since I'm a bit low on voting power at the moment I can't tell). I have been on Steemit for about 8 months now, I post a lot on dtube and have been quite consistent there for the past 5 months. After accumulating over 2000 Steem Power there during that time, my 100% upvote is worth .12 cents at the moment. I know that things change with the price of the crypto currency, however in my experience one post on scorum gave me a higher payout than 8 months on steemit. Quite astonishing if you ask me...I know this isn't the case with everyone but just wanted to share my experience. Here is the proof from that link goes to my username. However, all of the statistics are provided in the picture. Once again, I'm not too familiar with the economics here but to me that is quite impressive and a definite plus for everyone! Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bad talk steemit, I love that platform too but a fact is a fact. 3. The Followers So from what I've noticed here is that pretty much everyone that has followed me so far is a real person. A lot of the people that have followed have actually engaged in comments or upvotes which shows me that there is a real person behind the screen. On Steemit tons of the accounts following me are just some type of bot or have no engagment at all. The aspect of actually having a real following is important on any social media platform so I can actually appreciate that. I came in scorum knowing only one person here and now I've met many more with common interests, which is what it's all about for me! 4. The Potential Source I think the entire community here can see that there is a great potential for Scorum especially the early adopters that join early. I know a lot of people who started early on steemit did very well and continue doing so even with the low prices. I can only imagine where we will be in 8 months from now... :-) Sports are huge all around the world so and blockchain is growing daily so the future looks promising. Oh and there's betting! I'm not much of a better/gambler but I am actually excited about this part of Scorum. I think it can be huge to the success of Scorum and I'm actually willing to try my hand. Hopefully I'll see some of y'all at the tables real soon... Thanks for reading! -Love, Lydia Alpha

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