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Scorum promotion Day 117
Hello Scorumites. Source This is day 117 of the Scorum promotion initiative I introduced here. I am happy from the response and encouraging feedbacks received. I urge more users to join this promotion initiative as it means pitching the Scorum word to outsiders. It's a win win situation for all. Let's keep up the good work, the good news will come soon. Selected Post @dexpartacus Season 2019-20: Football new rules is the article up for promotion. Football is dynamic. The tactics, the players are evolving. The rules must also evolve. From the days of no offside, everything evolves. We have new football rules that will be in use next season. Everything is going to get exciting. A major change in the rule regarding the handball will see goals called off the ball touches the player hand either intentionally or unintentionally. There is no Hand of God anymore. That does not apply to own goals. NOTE The selected article should not only be promoted on twitter. I enjoin us to also check out the post as we can learn a thing or too. Interacting with the post by means of comments and upvotes will also help this cause. The hashtags will now contain tags related to Scorum, Similar platform, and the promoted post. This is to further increase visibility. Mode of PromotionCopy this link and tweet should contain the following tags #Scorum #Steem #Steemit #blockchain #football #rulesYou should also endeavour to write something captivating in your tweet.Participating users should post the link to their tweet as a comment under this post. Spreading Scorum to the world Special thanks to those that have participated in this promotion in one way or the order. Mentioning names will make this post look weird. You guys rock. This is a Zoneboy initiative and supported by Scorumnigeria and Scorumafrica You can support Scorumafrica by voting them as witness on