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5 Ways To Get Free Cryptocurrency (SCR)
With a title that winks at Google, today I want to introduce you to five ways to earn SCR (Scorum Coins) without investing anything. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the trip on Scorum. #1 Write A BlogThe easiest and most profitable way is to write a blog on Scorum. Scorum has a very active community that appreciates a lot the qualities contents, once registered on Scorum starts writing your blog about your favorite sport, esports and then advertise it in the various Discord channels (among which Crypto Resistance) and on the channel Telegram: Telegram Writers. #2 Participate To GiveawayLast week in the post submission to the candidacy to be a witness, I announced a 250 SCR giveaway. The lucky winner will win 250 SCR only for voting @cryptoresistance as a witness, remember you can vote for 30 different witnesses. Since so far only "my circle" has participated, there will be another 21 days to participate so as to give this opportunity to other people too. To vote you need to go on, then select your ID, insert your private keys and then select your favorites witnesses. #3 Participate To Contests This is the fun part in of my opinion. Since football is the most popular sport, every day on Scorum you can find users who will post their football contests. There are so many, the most common format is to guess the exact result, the markers or various results. Guaranteed fun and chance to win SCR. I recommend: @costanza, @btb and @scorum-italia#4 Participate To Freerolls@Tuck and @ilBirraioOo are the main creators of the creation of Scorum Poker, a platform where you can play poker and earn SCR. There are daily freerolls and a monthly 1500 SCR freeroll, which will be played today at 7.00pm GMT + 1. If you want more information and participate, join their Discord SPL - BRO - SBC.#5 Various Betting PromotionsSBC is the most active group without any doubt if we talk about betting. They are doing several promotions among them a freebet for your first bet on BetScorum that will give you back the first bet if you lose up to a maximum of 10 SCRs. Read more here. Or even an unmissable Giveaway of 5000 SCR.One last passionate tip if you are new and are writing a new blog on Scorum: avoid like the death of asking private upvote, concentrate your effort to make a high-quality post and post it in the various channels. I assure you that on Scorum there are many readers including people with a lot of VP also, that will appreciate the quality content. Maybe you will need to post more times to be read, but I assure you that you will be. Scorum has a super attentive community, this is our strength!