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The Ultimate Guide How to Become the Most Unsuccessful Blogger on Scorum
Lately, I have come across a lot of people who do stupid things on Scorum and still hope to be popular, loved, and rich. So, I thought that it would be a great idea to share this guide and show everyone how to become the most unsuccessful blogger on Scorum. Some people are great at it already but with my tips they can achieve their goal much faster. If for some reason you want to have success on Scorum, you might want to do the opposite. These toxic practices are only for people who want to destroy their careers on Scorum. I repeat, do not do these things if you want to be a valuable member of the community. 1. Comment random and meaningless stuff To start your journey to failure, you must first comment meaningless phrases such as "great work" or "very informative" on every single trending post. Don't miss a single post because otherwise, people might think that you have a genuine opinion. You don't want that. You want to sound like a spammer. I had this one guy who claimed that he saw how wonderful this player named Antentoukoumpo and Doncic played in the NBA. Yes, that guy thought that Greek Freak and Slovenian teen superstar are actually one person. He also said that he watched that person play. It doesn't get better than that. Students, remember that nothing can ever go wrong when you try to pretend that you know a sport which you have never seen before. 2. DM links to your posts to everyone with more than 1k SP To continue building your name as a spammer, you must start DMing links to your posts via Discord and Telegram to all users with more than 1k SP. Not only that will inspire those users to flag you for spamming eventually, but it will also destroy your credibility forever. Of course, when people ask you to stop spamming, you don't. Remember, you don't want to show weakness while failing. So keep spamming! 3. Keep plagiarizing content This is a must! To have your name blacklisted by everyone on Scorum, you have to plagiarize at least a couple of articles. It would be better if you just copied posts which were previously posted on Scorum by other users, but articles from big magazines such as ESPN and Telegraph will do as well. Of course, it would be stupid to expect not to get caught, especially if your post receives any traffic. So in the end, it is a fail/fail situation (remember, that's what we want): you either receive no traffic and money from your post, or you get caught. That's wonderful, am I right? 4. Be negative I am not talking about giving constructive criticism. To fail, you have to avoid any constructive discussions. To fail, you need to start shaming and blaming everyone on the platform for their behavior without any reason. Also, you have to attack developers as well. That is very important. I mean, people have invested their time and money here so that will piss everyone off for sure. Also, this kind of behavior will show that you are delusional to spend your own time on a platform which you have no belief in. 5. Only upvote yourself This might be one of the most important points of the guide. You cannot waste your SP on other people (unless you are circlejerking with them) because that means that you get less for yourself. And you don't want that. You want to have it all. Keep upvoting your posts with 100 percent and try to always remain at 100 voting power. That will maximize your gains. Eventually, the community will get tired of such awful behavior and make you pay for that. That will surely make you even more unsuccessful. 6. Blame others for your own failures Never admit your failures and never, I repeat, never, try to fix your behavior. You don't want to improve the quality of your blog. You don't want to do more research as well. That might cost you some time and efforts. Instead, blame the Scorum community for not understanding how things should work. Also, keep crying that certain users earn more than you. That will make you look like a dick, and that's what we are aiming for here. You will not have a chance to receive an upvote after that. SEVEN DO not THINK ABOUT formatting We live in the world when the news is often less important than the presentation. That is a fact. So, to make sure that people never read your posts (even though they might be excellent) avoid formatting tools. Write all the text in one huge block and KEEP USING CAPS LOCK ALL FOR NO REASON BECAUSE NOTHING CAN LOOK UGLIER. 8. Try to get into circlejerking communities That is (or might be in the future) an actual problem in platforms like Scorum, so you want to be part of it as fast as possible. Try to find some likewise people who would upvote your content in exchange of your upvotes. The quality doesn't matter. To be frank, this tactic might even get you some money in the short run, but eventually, you will get blacklisted and destroyed. Extra: it is even better if you have 5 SP and write whales with your offer to exchange votes. I can guarantee that it won't look like you are only looking to gain profits for yourself. In contrary, it will make you look like a valuable member of the society in the eyes of those whales. NOT. (this joke was for the British community, I hope they will enjoy a good old "NOT" joke) 9. Hate everyone with different views This one works in real life as well. It's pretty self-explanatory: if someone has different views about any topic, you must hate those views and even better, start hating the person as well. In social media platforms, becoming enemies with as many people as possible is the best way to avoid getting successful. 10. Do not engage with your followers If someone comments under your post, do not waste any time replying. Only stoopid people do that. You don't want to be stoopid. You want to be alfa. People must see you as someone they cannot approach. Why? Because we want them to stop approaching you. Without any followers, you are doomed. These 10 simple steps will make your time on Scorum miserable and you will surely have no success. If you want that, please continue doing these things. If not, maybe it is time to think about the consequences that your actions might have? People are not stupid and they can realize everyone's motives and desires. It is not bad to want money, but let's not be desperate about it. That will not work. Just be professional and work hard on genuinely connecting with others and writing quality content. I cannot guarantee that it will work, but I guarantee that it is the best chance we all have to succeed. Disclaimer: I have never in my career made any of these 10 things on the list. So please, sir, upvote me and I upvote you back.

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