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Happy Moanday-The Devil Finally Lost
This is my happy moanday entry for the week as organised by Pete to encourage bloggers on thus platform to churn out good content while having fun. Though my entry is coming a bit late, am happy an moanday devil with this post. Well interested bloggers can enter the contest via the link camera it might be a bit surprising to see a picture of a kid going under the knife in the guise of surgery. That is the story of my co supervisor's only son last week which culminated this evening with testimony. The story was that the child came back from school complaining of stomach pains as well headache...............All said and done he was taken to hospital. I had to spend all the day at the Federal Medical Center where he was being attended to by medical personnel on the first day. I a society where more emphasis is place on a male child than a female child saw one of my co supervisor's only male child of four children going for surgery. That agony when a woman went through four pregnancies looking for a male child that could have taken her life due to complications. I saw the pain in the parents eyes and only wish it was in a dream. The lecturer is such a very good man that students were trooping in their numbers to pay a visit. Why do bad things happen to good people? a student said to my hearing The hospital is really quite a different environment when you visit a sick person and when close associate or blood is in the theater. Most often the soul goes off only to be woken when someone touches or call your name. Such was state of the boy's parents when he went in for the surgery at 8.00AM. Even though the time of the surgery was quite short as I anticipated when I checked the time at 9.04AM, the whole event looks like it took forever. screenshot Well, since the the surgery took place about a week ago, the boy was unable to gain consciousness, after all which kept every body in deep thought. Humans have done their best, it was now left for the supreme being to answer the desires of the parents. Even though I struggled to make post last week due to my schedule, the weekend was so choked up that I forgot existence of scorum. This morning I went to visit the family at the hospital for the third time and the report was almost the same; he was still receiving oxygen. I spend some minutes with the mum and siblings before dashing out for the day business. What can we do more than hope for the best. Just few hours ago at about 6.00PM , I got a call from the dad that the child has regained consciousness and can recognize him. This gladdens my heart some much that I can't thank God enough. The energy I lost since two days ago which has made unable to blog just came in full force with words of testimony. ''Some trust in chariots and others in horse but we trust in the name of the lord, our God...........those who trust in the name of the lord shall not be put to shame'' bible To God alone be all the glory