Extremely Bullish News
Mass adoption of blockchain technology still seems to be years into the future, but adoption is progressing and as it does Scorum will also progress and grow. The videos that I'm watching this morning are very bullish for the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. I have picked out two videos that I think you should watch and get an idea of what I'm seeing concerning the markets and adoption. These illustrate why we need to exhibit a lot of patience, these things are happening and the technology is moving forward, but it takes time to build the infrastructure and educate the public about the benefits of using blockchains. This First video provides good reasons to be bullish on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in general. This next video gives all of us a good reason to be bullish on Scorum itself and it illustrates the tremendous potential of this platform. The discussion is about a totally different sports related crypto, but keep in mind that this project has corporate sponsors that will be pouring millions of dollars into on-boarding sports fans across Europe and Asia into Cryptocurrencies and into using blockchain platforms. You have to know that once these fans are involved with cryptocurrencies they will be looking for other related projects that they can become involved with, so for us this will be like free advertising. Scorum will remain a unique and scaleable model that will one day become attractive to players and fans alike, it is just a matter of time. The beautiful part for all of you early adopters is that it will take so few new sports fans or members of the gambling community coming into Scorum in order for you to realize a huge profit on your investments of money and time. The idea that it might be possible for Scorum to one day have millions of users worldwide is something that should give you great reason for pause. If Scorum reaches one million active users most of you will become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, is that worth the risk of losing some of your time or having to wait for a few months or even a couple of years for your capital investment to recover it's value? That is up to you to decide for yourself, but you all know where I stand. I came into Scorum looking five years into the future, I expect to see progress all along the way, but I planned on it being five years before I would see $100 or higher SCR and the complete fulfillment of my initial investment. For me, little has changed and Scorum is still on track to meet my personal goal. The risk factor may have increased a little with this extended bear market, but Scorum is still alive and growing and I'm still here working and growing with it. So along with the added risk I'm also enjoying a much greater degree of potential rewards with very little added effort. I hope this short blog helps you to have a great day!