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Advice For The Frustrated ICO Investors Of Scorum !
If you are one of Scorum Friends then you should know that My last post was "Users Opinions About Scorum".If you not see the post yet then see the post by here. On that post you can see some active users,ICO investor and Scorum newbies opinions. Scorum Great users and Scorum newbies have some get opinions about Scorum.But according to ICO investors opinions 'Scorum Is A Big Scam.Also Scorum team don't worried about ICO Investors."But that is not right.Scorum team working very hard to make the Scorum Best.So,in my post i will give some advice to those investors who is not happy with Scorum. Scorum Users Opinion About Scorum : But the ICO Investors Opinions About Scorum : As you can see they are not happy with Scorum.Actually they are not happy with SCR price not Scorum.Because SCR is the coin of Scorum.They buy SCR coin on Ico.But Scorum is a platform where we can earn SCR easily without spend a single money. We are happy with Scorum because we get SCR by blogging,Voting and commenting on Scorum.On the other hand they are not happy because they are not active in Scorum.Also they spend a lot of money for SCR in the ico. You should know that the Ico price of SCR was 1 $.But now the price is 0.12 $.So, for this reason they are not happy with Scorum. But there are some user on Scorum they have invested in the ico but still they are happy with Scorum.Because they are active in Scorum and get rewarded from Scorum everyday. So, If You Are A ICO Investor Of Scorum Then Here Is Some Advice For You : Scorum is a blockchain based blogging platform.And SCR is the coin of Scorum.It's not like any other coin like BTC,LTC.ETH etc.Because if you want to buy BTC,Ltc or Eth and want to get some profits then you must be wait until the price are increase.Because there is no other way to get some profit from those coin when the price of those coin are not increasing.But in the Scorum there is a best opportunity for you.The best opportunity is you can still earn profits while SCR price is not increasing.There is the best way to get profit by your SCR while SCR price is not increasing. Let's See The Way To Get Profits : First of all if you want to get some profit while price is not increasing then you must have to active on the Scorum platform.Because in the Scorum platform you can get profits by your SCR.But to get profits from your SCR you must have to convert your SCR to Sp.Because the way of get profits from your SCR is voting on Scorum platform. See the reason behind it : Suppose, you have 50k SCR on your account.But your Sp value is 5 SP.Then your vote is worthless.Also you are missing the great opportunity to get profits while you have 50k SCR on your account.So, what should you do now? There is no difficult task for you.Just go to your Scorum wallet and convert your SCR to Sp.When you have converted your SCR to SP then you have now 50k Sp in your account not SCR.And the great thing is this your single vote worth is 50-55 SCR.That is amazing.Now take a look and thought that before some time your vote is worthless and now your vote value is 50-55 SCR.That means you can generate 55 SCR by your single vote.And it will take only 3 seconds to generate 55 SCR.Now your vote value is 55 scr and you have two great ways to get profits. Start Blogging On Scorum : If you have some time you can start blogging on scorum.And you will get profits by others people's vote.Also you can self-vote on your post.But your post have to must be a rewardable post.Also you have to make sure that you are not abusing with the reward system. Now you can say that i don't have such time to write some articles or blog.Don't worry.You have one more way to get profits. Start Curating On Scorum : You can get profited by curating on Scorum.Also for curating you don't have to invest so many time on Scorum.Also you don't have to do any hard work. Or If you are don't agree with those then see below. Be Patient : You should know that Scorum Betting Is Coming soon.They are in the final stage of testing.So, they will launch the Scorum Betting Exchange as soon as possibles.We believe that SCR price will be increasing at higher rate when Scorum Betting Exchange will be landed.So, be Patient and wait for the Scorum Betting Exchange.Because you can aslo earn SCR by betting in the Scorum Betting Exchange. So, Start Blogging Or Curating today on Scorum.You will be happy with Scorum Tomorrow.Also don't say that "Scorum is a big scam and Scorum team don't worry about us".They are trying their level best to make Scorum better for us.We should be thankful for them.Enjoy Scorum!

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