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Hopefully Helpful Tips for New Users
There seems to be an uptick in new users after a rather long lull in that department. There really isn't a user guide or tips on those who wish to ingratiate themselves into the platform. A lot of posts won't garner attention if they come across as the notorious "drop and plop". Drop and plop is where enough of us who cross promote or watch other platforms see the same dropping of a post and then do/add nothing additional. This place is normally savvy enough to see right through it. Gratitude and Attitude can do wonders while workin' the internets. Hello there, I'm Babs and will you just give me money? (pixabay)Here are a few tips that hopefully can help some new users acclimate here and contribute to Scorum. My hope is that some other users that have some ideas also chime in.Introduction Posts- Making an introductory post is your first impression. I am either missing them or a lot are not making them to begin with. A one sentence intro like , "Hi I am Rachel and I love shopping and sports!" is not really gonna cut it here. Creativity or swagger or dropping how you got here usually gets ya' that Scorumite luv.Comments section! Leave "nice post" on everything .......joking, bad move. Thoughtful comments that take more than cut and paste or show you actually read the post or want to interact with the creator is where a lot of important information, debate and discussions take place. It's a good way to network and get comments and potential upvotes. Due to Voting Power I'd recommend not taking it personally if you aren't getting the vote for vote thing going on or comment for comment thing. Nobody owes anybody anything when it comes down to it and nobody is entitled to tell others who and how they should vote. This is YOUR stake and YOUR trip.....who you vibe and gel with is where expending energy is best used imho. Adults won't always agree and it can get heated but gratitude for the 50 people who just lined your wallet (out of their free will and generosity) is more important then someone who says your team sucks.Stand out somehow- A lot of posts and users I could never tell apart by their work. That isn't doing you any favors to just try to please everyone or just meld in with ten other people basically saying the same thing. There are people on here that just by a title or picture they'd use, I'd know who the creator was. The concept of giving back. A lot who do well on here do contests, promos and giveaways. If you never can be bothered to even say thank you or upvote back or do anything that contributes then unless you have some fan club , your earnings generally will reflect that. I can tell you on some new users I gave high upvotes to for periods of time and never got any reciprocation so 'bye'. I am not a gravy train. If you want me to show you love then show me love. Pretty sure not the only one who'd agree with that part. Well, I am all out of ideas but hope that gave somewhat of a basic layout of some suggestions for new users or ones who don't grasp the concept that in business you have to interact and not sit like a wallflower and expect a lambo. ;) Scorum On!

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