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The Scorum Italian community is growing
Hello everyone, my Scorum friends! Today I want to talk you about the Scorum Italian community, introducing the members and showing what the contribution these guys can make to the platform. When I presented the Scorum project to the Steemit Italian community, I expected a greater number of joining members, I'm honest. At the beginning it was not easy, but then, thanks to the help of the Scorum Team and of some friends who immediately took serious this project, we have grown, both in number and in power. At the moment, we are not many, but we have excellent prospects and we are doing a job that I consider a good level. Above all, the people involved are investing more and more time and resources and the results are seen, because the growth of the young Italian group and that of the .it domain too, is there for all to see. For those who had lost these good progress, no worries! Here you are, one by one, the members that currently form our team on Scorum.@MAURYIS - 31.61K SP The pioneer of Italians on Scorum, @mauryis is a guy from Naples who lives in Barcelona. Poker player, lover of football and investments, has proven to believe a lot in Scorum' s success. He created the Discord Crypto Resistance server and he has many other projects to publicize the platform all around the world. He invested immediately in the SCR coin, coming to exceed 30K SP. In one of his last posts, he announced that he is working to become a witness. To be followed absolutely!@FRAFIOMATALE - 2.30K SP Mister @frafiomatale was one of the first users to join our community. A great Juventus supporter, football expert, he could easily be a sports journalist. And so, as soon as he discovered Scorum, he immediately started writing his articles with great enthusiasm. He created a beautiful series of posts called Italyco Pallone, in which he records podcasts in Italian, to whom other members of the community are often invited to participate. You can find his posts on the Scorum .it domain.@DEXPARTACUS - 2.57K SP A much appreciated author, he writes brilliant and very accurate posts. @dexpartacus is another Italian from Steemit, like many other current members. He is a football lover and Juventus supporter (yes, he too...and they are not finished! :D), his Football Genius series, which he writes in Italian and English, is a high quality work, thanks to which many international users have known him. Take a look!@VOICEOFF - 1.49K SP A polyhedric user and a bit out of the box, @voiceoff is one of the few Italian members not to write about football as his main topic. Great poker enthusiast, on his page you can find videos of sessions with his comment in Italian. He is a chess player and also he proposes betting and Fantasy Sports strategies. In short, you never know what to expect when you open his page!@GIORNALISTA - 5.30K SP One of the most active and dynamic members of the Italian community. Former semi-professional footballer, @giornalista has absolutely fallen in love with Scorum and has shown it in recent weeks, investing a good amount that has led him to exceed 5K SP. In addition to this, he is an excellent author, who writes mostly about Italian and international football, both on .com and .it domain. He is also a Juventus supporter, but that's it, nobody can be perfect in everything... : D@SPICEBOYZ - 1.38K SP A man with a fixed thought, a passion, FC Juventus, that he doesn't leave out even for a second. It's also clear just by looking at the profile of @spiceboyz that the main topic of his Scorum blog are the bianconeri. He also writes both in Italian and in English and proper in the last hours, he has inaugurated, together with @frafiomatale, "Due Uomini e una Signora" (Two Men and a Madam) a new format for the .it domain, in which you can see them on video while discussing about their favorite team.@ILBIRRAIOOO - 2.12K SP Developer of ScorumPoker, @ilbirraiooo hates football and this makes him an atypical Italian. But, since he is not distracted by the matches, beside @tuck-fheman, he is giving life to the new Poker server, a project that is proving very successful. In addition, he is responsible for translating posts related to ScorumPoker developments and initiatives for the .it domain. If you are a green table enthusiast, you can't help but follow him.@CIUOTO - 1.27K SP Finally @ciuoto seems to have found time to work on his Scorum blog and I'm sure he will give us a lot of satisfaction, given his many passions such as climbing, rugby, cross bike, skateboard, bmx...and many many more! He immediately decided to become a Pro user, this means that he believes in the growth possibilities of the platform. @MAD.RUNNER - 77.17 SP Another great Juventus fan, @mad.runner is also the most heedless user of all the group, since he lost his private key and has had to start again with a new account. But such an unexpected event certainly doesn't stop him, in life he overcame many obstacles and developed a great resistance, thanks to one of his greatest passions: the running. Find his posts on the .it domain (even if sometimes he gets confused and writes in Italian on .com domain...but forgive him for this !! : D )@SERIALFILLER - 125.52 SP One of the most prolific authors of the Steemit Italian community, @serialfiller, in recent weeks, is also starting great here on Scorum, after writing only sporadically. Football and basketball are his great passions, he is a certified match analyst and he writes both in Italian and in English. It's right to expect big things from this guy. To be followed. @MASSIMOC23 - 451.58 SP Sports and Football lover, @massimoc23 has recently joined our group, but has often written about sports on Steemit. I'm sure we can expect a great job from him! Good luck! @ILBARONE623 - 685,78 SP @ilbarone623 made his debut just in these days, writing his first two posts on Scorum. Despite this, he already has a discreet SP and his work doesn't look bad. The .it domain has enlisted another excellent element. @GIROLAMOMAROTTA - 4.16K SP @SCORUM-ITALIA - 5.81K SP I close the post mentioning the two profiles that I manage, my personal @girolamomarotta and that of @scorum-italia. I'm really proud to be able to lead this team of Italians and I will make every effort to make growing the group. So far, I'm really happy with the work we're doing. We are distinguishing ourselves for correctness, quantity of ideas, search for collaborations and enthusiasm. And the group strongly believes in the project. I hope that we will continue like this and that many new Italians will soon join us. I hope this post has helped you to discover the most interesting Italian users and gave them some visibility. If you want to work with us, let me know!Greetings to everyone and see you soon! Girolamo Follow me and @scorum-italia JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER HERE

Good morning SCORUM!!
scorum-italia #blog: 1K SP!! [ENG - ITA]
[ENG] Hello everyone! I write this flash post to give you some wonderful news. Right now I don’t have the possibility to post many articles on this account, because I’m away from home, in fact I'm using a mobile device to write this post and it's not really the best condition. I particularly wanted to inform you that scorum-italia has reached 1000 SP! A result that, as you well know, is of fundamental importance to have a good upvote value and that allows to decide the percentage to assign. The achievement of this goal was possible thanks to an investment that was planned in the coming weeks, but that I wanted to do immediately, with the precious technical help of my friend mauryis. I wanted to give a concrete signal to the international community and to the Italian one. By the end of the month of August, when I will come back, we will start working at full speed with our activities, first of all the diffusion of all the informations concerning the network, to encourage and increase new subscriptions. Then we will start the projects that will have the purpose of make growing the Italian users who will be able to create the best contents and that will demonstrate to believe in us and in the Scorum project. From now, however, we will try to support as much ad possible, the Italian users that already are in our group. Every collaboration, support and partnership from external users, especially the most important ones, is an opportunity to grow and to create new ideas. If you are convinced that we can make a long and fruitful road together here on Scorum, I am waiting for your comment and maybe even for your support upvote. Thank you very much to everyone and see you soon !! — [ITA] Ciao a tutti! Scrivo un post flash per darvi una bellissima notizia. In questo momento non ho la possibilità di postare molti articoli su questo account, in quanto sono fuori casa, infatti sto utilizzando un dispositivo mobile per scrivere questo post e non è proprio l’ideale. Ci tenevo particolarmente, però, ad informarvi che scorum-italia ha raggiunto i 1000 SP! Un traguardo che, come ben sapete, è di fondamentale importanza per avere un voto di buon valore e che permetta di decidere la percentuale da assegnare. Il raggiungimento di questo obiettivo è stato possibile grazie ad un investimento che era previsto nelle prossime settimane, ma che ho voluto fare immediatamente, con il prezioso aiuto tecnico dell’amico mauryis. Volevo dare un segnale concreto alla comunità internazionale e a quella italiana. Entro la fine del mese di agosto, quando rientrerò, partiremo a pieno regime con le nostre attività, prima fra tutte la diffusione di tutte le informazioni che riguardano il network, per incentivare le nuove iscrizioni. Faremo poi partire i progetti che avranno lo scopo di far crescere gli utenti italiani che saranno capaci di creare i migliori contenuti e che dimostreranno di puntare su di noi e su Scorum. Già da subito, invece, cercheremo di supportare il più possibile gli utenti italiani che fanno parte del nostro gruppo. Ogni collaborazione, supporto e partnership da parte di utenti esterni, è un’opportunità per crescere e per far nascere nuove idee. Se siete convinti che possiamo fare una lunga e proficua strada insieme qui su Scorum, aspetto un vostro commento e magari anche un vostro voto a supporto. Grazie mille a tutti e a presto!!

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