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Wanted: German Writers - Reward: Support und Upvotes
This goes out to all German speaking Scorum users. I need you... no.. WE need you to keep the German Scorum Domain alive! I know there are several users here on Scorum who speak German but who so far prefer to write in English. I completely understand the reasons, like finding a bigger audience and more readers for their sports blogs. But to make Scorum grow internationally we should not only focus on the English domain, we also need to build strong and supportive communities for as many other languages as possible. We need to raise awareness of the Scorum platform and also about the possibilities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, to connect all those amazing sport fans and bring them together. That's why I am calling out loud today: I am looking for German writers who write and post interesting and informative article about the world of sport and sport betting under the domain. Since I have pumped up my wallet a little since starting here on Scorum three month ago, I am more then ready to curate posts written in German as well. I have tried to call out at several occasions before, on the German domain and even over there at Steemit, and I really hope we can finally attract new members to our growing community. The last couple of days I have notices some new faces who now just need to take on the challenge and also enjoy the fun of writing some German sport blogs. Creative Common - photo Maximilian Dörrbecker I am here to support everyone writing in German with my upvotes to help kicking of the German domain and to create some place where creative people can share their sports content, exchange and share some news and opinions or just meet to have some great time. So far I have used my voting power mainly for articles under the English domain, but I am just waiting to finally see more articles written in German which I can curate as well. And I know there is at least one more Scorum user, who will be more than happy than support you guys as well. So what are you waiting for? The right time is right now! Let's make the German domain one of the most thriving and exciting places here at Scorum. I know we do have the potential, we just have to use it the right way!

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