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Please Give Me Your SCR, Make Me Rich!
Hello Scorumers, I am new to this place but a friend told me I could earn serious coinage just by blogging with something called crypto dollars? What are crypto dollars? From what I can see they are highly inflated tokens that resemble USD, atleast superficially on this blog. I see people make $100's per post, is this true?! Please say it is, my dreams will come true. I really hope so because I have been looking for an easy way to make money just my writing about some cool sport stuff while incoherently bumbling along with my wafer thin commentary on boring sports news you have probably skimmed over on so many more news sites. Anyway this is my introduction post so please be nice and give me loads of big upvotes so I too can join the Scorum whale pool of SCR holders who clearly hold $10,000's worth of tokens according to this websites metrics. A bit about me, I am a master seo expert who can optimise my posts using secretive and highly sort after techniques to hit the top of google. I can make all your Scorum wishes come true by attracting traffic through to this blog and gaining 100,000's more users. But only if you first vote for me on this post. Furthermore I own a wide network of spam blogs where I can name drop Scorum in the comments section giving Google all the excuse they need to red flag this site for manipulative and low quality link building. But hey, I read that such as thing is good practice these days even though the technique is potentially decades out of date. I saw a site called steemit where people in 2017 were earning $1000s per week writing. There currency went to the moon, so surely Scorums can too? Let's hope so!
More posts are coming soon. Write your own!