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Bye Steemit. Hello Scorum
I have been on the Steemit platform since '16. I truly care for and have put so much time and energy into this platform. I've given away hundreds of Steem for contests and games. I wear my heart on my sleeve and have not been afraid to give people a piece of my mind. Do not get it twisted, I want Steemit to succeed more than I want my celebrity crush to call me first. Steemit gave me a purpose. Something that has changed my life. I have done workshops at my local library teaching people about crypto and Steemit. I have another one in September I'm really excited about. When I was bouncing around trying to figure out what to do with a Bachelor's degree in one hand and no job prospects in the other. It hasn't made me rich but it has given me a richer outlook on life. I am not going to power down or leave my friends alone. I'll support them and upvote good content. I sure as hell am not leaving. Haven't powered down before, not doing it now. I am staying for the games at this point. I am ready to raid players with @battleaxe on @chibera. To see how well my @steemmonster cards do in combat against @ackza on @dlux. But Steem without SMTs and communities is a sad mess. Case in point the only way most are reading this not because it was recognized as being honest and good quality and people upvoted it on high because it is. But because I used an upvote service to purposefully screw with the Proof-of-brain. I am doing this because I am fed up with posting on Steemit. The algorithm is BROKEN and weird like @jerrybanfield 's back after a night alone. I rather go somewhere where I can do kickass content and get amazing rewards based on the merit of my quality writing! I am PISSED If Steem INC can actually fix their broken toy then I will be a high quality posting machine. I have a Bachelor's degree like I said. So the articles and papers that I needed to produce in order to pass some classes that I paid *hundreds* of dollars for is 10 times the quality on some of the stuff on trending. Few have balls like me and I know it. If this gets downvoted to hell then I know I am right. Question is will the brain drain from Steemit start then or some time after? So what now @swolesome? Going to another Steemit? I am just focusing my attention elsewhere for now. Scorum is combating abuse and listening to their community. Today. For example. This Scorum user bought some stake and started upvoting his comments to over 1000$+. The community pushed back and the user got his upvotes negated via flags. The developers saw the damage and the outcry and decided to remove comment self upvoting entirely. No longer can a user make a single word comment and within hours of it paying out he upvotes them to absurd amounts. This is a very hands on team. Coming from a platform where core members of Steem Inc have said they don't care about us. They care about onboarding the next million after us. It feels refreshing. So what else makes Scorum different? Scorum is a platform that is in it's infancy much like Steemit was a few years ago. Tomorrow's whales are starting today acquiring their stake with a few twists. This is a platform for those who like Sports! Can you talk about non sport topics, of course! I have this old fire in my belly that's back. It started when someone sent me this and it finally erupted when this post evolved into a declaration halfway through. More posts to come but let's just look at the trending page vs what you see on main page on Scorum pictured at the top of the post. If you think that looks better than the company who's product is already two years old. Welcome to the rabbit hole Alice it gets wilder from here, come pop that pill and join me! Mostly going to focus on NCAA, esports and NFL but I may try covering other sports.

The Process
More posts are coming soon. Write your own!