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Scorum Community Podcast Episode 4:
We're back with another episode of the Scorum Community Podcast in a new and more streamlined format. Swolesome and I keep it to 30-minutes in what feels like episode 50 (it's actually just episode 4!), talking about our journeys on Scorum, answering questions, discussing new contests, and a lot more. We welcome you to listen below and please provide your thoughts, questions, and guest suggestions in the comment section at the bottom of this post. Listen to Episode 4 of the Scorum Community Podcast NotesSwolesome gets us started by discussing the upcoming hardfork and what's new on Scorum (0:45) The 1,000 Scorum Poker freeroll is coming up 11/24 at 12:00 PM Central (1:30)Swolesome discusses his new writing contest. Read the contest post and enter right here! (2:40)Swolesome has a lot going on. He talks about his new eSports position at (5:35)How Scorum helped Swolesome land the position (7:00)A question from rights.hand on how people here on Scorum have built up their accounts with Scorum Power (9:00)Swolesome compares our journey on Scorum and how we each got to where we are now (10:30)We answer a question from new community member @battleaxe on how we see the platform evolving and targeting new demographics and markets in the future (13:35)Swolesome is hosting an in-person basketball tournament at the location shown below (18:00) Discussing the importance of articles about Scorum on Scorum (21:00)"You should still write about Scorum..." (25:15)Talking tags and how Scorum posts can't trend, and why that is both good and bad (25:35)Show close (30:00) We are still looking for questions! Suggest a question you would like us to answer and make suggestions for people we should interview. Please suggest below!