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My 1000 SP Journey on SCORUM
Source Nearly 4 months, more than 75 posts, 124 followers and finally I got the SCORUM Pro Badge on my account. It was one of the hardest journeys I’ve ever taken. My 1000 SP Journey to SCORUM was more difficult than my 4 days 4800m altitude trek to Gosainkunda, Nepal. Before starting my Scorum Journey, I want to thank everyone for their help and supports to reach me the 1000 SP milestone. While I joined the SCORUM back in September, I made the target to reach 1000 SP before the Christmas, and I was 15 days behind from my target. But I’m completely happy because sometimes everything is not happened according to our plans. I'm so happy to see that blue pro badge on my profile picture. My Journey on SCORUM: During the time of World Cup 2018, one of my college friends got offered me to write football articles on World Cup games for the website called (XYZ sorry I didn’t mention the name of the website here). He said me if you want to help me you can help me write the blogs and you will be paid for your writing but your posts will be posted by my name. Although I didn’t have any experience in writing the sports article, I said ok to him. I wrote more than 30 articles for his website and also got paid for my writing but I was very upset because he got all the credits for my work. I used to post the photographs on Steemit before I wrote sports blogs, so I also started to write the many sports blogs on there but I was unnoticed in that platform. But I must have to say thank Steemit for helping me find this beautiful platform there. While I was randomly checking the posts on Steemit I found about this SCORUM and as soon as I found this platform I've created my account on September 12, 2018. The first day, I took the rest and started to prepare for my first article on this platform. In the very next day, I published my first post on the Fantasy category called “Player to Watch: Gamewgeek5”. In my very post, I got 2 upvotes and rewarded 4.61 SP. Then In my next post, I got 4 upvotes and the reward of 7.5 SCR. In Steemit I was getting only 1 or 2 upvotes after spending nearly 2 to 3 months but I was already started to get the 3-4 upvotes in my first 3-4 posts. I got my first SCR as a winner of @sashank predict and win the contest, but disappointingly the prize I won was stolen by some hacker and transfer to his account. After that, I tried to change my password but I didn’t find any option on changing the password here and asked the pro users to help me. I also made the separate post on that fraud here. When I was about to lose my hope, one user suggested me to ask the help in telegram community of SCORUM. I told about this problem on Telegram community and the SCORUM community manager John McTavish helped me to change my key. He spent more than 2-3 hours to change my account password. When @lawlees found about the fraud, he generously sent me 10 SCR to my account. Since Joining on this platform, I also wrote my first ever cricket blog on Nepal's big win in ICC World T-20 Asia region qualifier here. I wrote many articles here but my own personal favourite article which was also appreciated by other are these two Local Football tournament above 2300 meter altitude at Nepal and LA CUP: We are the Champions. These two articles were my own personal favourite because I myself was played a part in these two articles. I wrote the football articles from the local college level tournament to the many Europeans league. And similarly, wrote the article on domestic cricket leagues to international cricket matches. I made few articles on fantasy premier league and I also wrote my own swimming story on @liuke96player hall of fame contest. I’ve also hosted 7 predict and win a contest while I reached the 1000 SP mark. The last one and half month is very fruitful for me in terms of earning SCR through different contests. Participation in the Writing Contest: Source During my four months SCORUM journey, I was nominated on by @eoghan.mcmonagle on @talesfrmthecrypt helping hand contest. Though I didn’t win that contest, I was very happy cause my article LA CUP: We are the Champions was rewarded as the best blog on that contest. Last month I participated in @liuke96player “Hall of fame contest” , I wrote two articles first Cricket “A Gentleman’s game” on cricket and “Why I still fear swimming?” on swimming to make the participation in his contest and in both time I was selected as runner-up of the contest and rewarded 18SCR both times. I also made the participation on @dexpartacus Build your football dream team contest. This competition is still running and anyone can still make participation in this competition. Dexpartacus send me the 10 SCR for being the first 10 entry of the contest. On a Scorum-Italia new year's giveaway, I won the whopping 40 SCR in the lucky draw. Win in Predict and win Contest I have won many predict and win the contest since joining on this platform first I won 2.5 SCR on @sashank’ contest. Since then I won the contest held by @rohu03 , @umair , @scorum-fans , @fussballchef, @akarsufaruk , @ablaze , @talesfrmthecrypt and the latest @davor27 on Sevilla vs Athletico Madrid match. I won @kelso’s daily contest on the prediction of NBA games 7 times and won 70 SCR total on his contest. It's been a great journey so far and hopes to continue similar in the future. Thank you, everyone, for your support, help, and suggestions throughout this journey. I have to say thank you to all the curator who's upvote always inspire me to write more and more on this platform. But I must have to mention these names @fnemoto, @sahkhan, @mikey, @Scorum-fans, @awd2, @cryptokitty, @dexpartacus, @liuke96player, @izge @talesfrmthecrypt, @sashank, @lawlees, @sarozz, @ablaze, @agorkhaliz, @fraste, @jon.bonomo, @battkeaxe, @eoghan.mcmonagle, @satoshi, @raamesa and finally not to forget our community developer @vlad. Sorry if I have missed anyone’s name on the list. Here's my list to the favourite writers according to the category Cricket @talesfrmthecrypt, Basketball @paulao0506 MMA @brandonk Poker and Scorum-community @mikey Darts @fraste Tennis @jodcarey Fantasy League @lawlees E-sport @jon.bromo I didn't mention the name of my best football writer because I follow many footballer writers here and all of them write equally best. So I don't want to disappoint them by mentioning the name of only one writer. Just two day's ago I tried to help @mikey for creating the design on his "The Little @Mikey Poker Series". He generously sends me some SCR for creating that design. You can check my last post to know the detail about this. If anyone wants help from me please feel free to ask. If I can help you I will definitely help you. You can find the telegram and discord link of my profile on my profile page, you can message me there or also write in the comment of my post.