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Free Chips! It's that time again, our Free Chip Giveaway for simply Upvoting and Commenting on this post! All verified players that upvote and comment on this post will receive an equal portion of 50% of the post rewards on this post after 48 hours.Scorum Poker Blog Be sure to follow the @scorumpoker Blog as well for even more chances to win Free Chips. There will be weekly Giveaways coming soon! Also you can catch up on all of Beth's family's Birthdays. 😏 We Need Players! When the prices are down, the weak flee town and it's that time in some Crypto Communities. I see Witnesses here at Scorum absent for months that surely will come back when the price is booming to reap the rewards. Don't be that guy! Stick around and help the Community grow while the price is low. Come play with us at, win some SCR and help us build the site up so that it's appealing to outsiders who may join There's nothing worse than seeing no activity on a poker site and we could use some Ring Game players! 😃 This is a great way to get some Chips to play in Ring Games or Sit-n-Gos while you wait for the next Freeroll. So upvote, comment and come play with us at!Please Support Our Witness! has re-joined forces with BRO Sports & Gaming to offer even more to the Scorum Community by combining our efforts versus working independently. To help us help Scorum grow please consider supporting @bro-delegate with a Witness vote. Also be sure to give ats-david a follow to get updates on upcoming Freerolls from BRO. Daily 30 SCR NLH Freeroll It's back! Since the 1 SCR's that ran 4x daily were not filling I decided to combine them again and bring back the Daily 30 SCR instead. It will run every day at 9 AM CDT. Thanks! Update The following players received 50% of 374.09 (187.05) divided evenly among the 15 of them for 12.47 each in Chips on I will use the rest on an upcoming Freeroll. nikoskol tadas bethalea potplucker kryptokeeper thebull lama10 ancapbarbie chops316 btb ats-david inthenow generausd liberty-minded diogosantos