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As Bitcoin Heads to $10,000- Scorum's Bright Future Ahead and a History of FUD
As Bitcoin Heads to $10,000- Scorum's Bright Future Ahead and a History of FUD Scorum is up almost 13% today, with a marketcap shy of $600,000 and a healthy daily volume of almost $30,000. Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), is a persistent factor in the investment world, and is a part of human psychology. As people, we remember and fear loss more than gain. Making money or winning feels good, but losing and loss stings for a long time. The recession of 2009 hurt bad, and permanently scared people, particularly milennials from investing. Bitcoin has surged despite Facebook's Libra Coin, Binance's barring of US customers and consistent FUD from the media. The biggest FUD contributor for many is that cryptocurrency is not SIPC or FDIC insured and the space has been rife with failure, scams and loss. However, this is a new space with alot of room for growth and gain. Human psychology can be overcome with logic. I have worked to technically convey the strength of social media coins and cryptocurrency to interested people I know. There is a wall of worry including the value of cryprocurrency and it's legitimacy I always ha e to address, and will publish here for you to use. I am working on a website to offer consulting services for this issue. Scorum Coin's price action was the result of an 18-month bear market that led to FUD. Many ICOs and other cryptocurrency projects suffered when the Ethereum they used for funding dropped in value. Look at the technicals, communicate Scorum's value and unique asset strengths and always remain calm when making investment decisions. Thanks Scorum community! Sources: An original meme made by me on 6/21/19 at:

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