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My work out play list
Am gonna give a brief insight of my world and the music I listened to while working out. Am a lover of songs with heavy beat and I feel that it suits my work out routine. I sometimes lift weight, but I love jogging and also, I don't know if playing football counts as a work out too. Lol. On that note, here are my Playlist for work out it.Work hard play hard by wizkalifa I love this music so much not just because of the artist but for the heavy beats and great lyrics it provides. This music make you understand that you have to work to get what you want. It so so smooth that it will motivate you to work out more and I love it more when jogging, it pushes me to go more further. 2. Wild ones by Florida ft sia This song has a very heavy beat, nothing comes close to heavy beats while working out and this song presents a perfect blend and combination for you. This song is perfect for a work due to the beat and lovely sia voice on the music. You could work out a whole Day while listening to the song even in the video, Florida was seen jogging from the beginning to the end 3. Uptown funk by Bruno mars All Bruno Mars songs can go with anything in life ranging from stress at work to chilling out by the pool side or dancing your sorrows away in the club. This song suits all occasions and I won't swap it for any other song anytime soon. The melody of the song makes you just want to move your body and it was laced with a perfect beat that blends into the music. Perfect song for a work out for me 4. Voice of the street by olamide Olamide is probably my favorite artist of all time due to his street credibility and also great punch lines coupled with his nice flows which blends with the nice beat on his songs. This song a perfect example of that flows that will keep you wanting to do something. You won't just wanna standard around listening to this lovely music. It was rap all through and it keeps pushing you to do more 5. Bitch better have my money by Rihanna The queen of R and B just have to feature on my list, I probably listen to all her musics but this one stands out when am working out. The video is so energetic and the beats and heavy bars makes it great for working out.