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Scorum Africa Tournament Match Highlights Video
The long awaited Scorum tournament was a successful one on the 30th of November, 2018. Visit Kofpato's version of events HERE Details of the event The event was a success as a few Scorum writers based in Lagos were able to make it to the event. Attendees were people who heard about the Scorum via publicity and attended. Some Scorum users who wanted to attend were not because of personal reasons. We were glad to share scorum with people who were present. We also appreciate everyone who supported the idea by upvotes. Mr. Pete donated 20 SCR. Thanks to him. The warm up Scorum old and new users kit up in the team jerseys to play. They were all excited and we all took to the pitch. Here is El-Capitan Here is Easyboi Here is Jotmax (me) and Easyboi having a short talk before the event There were 4 teams. The Red Team Black Team (on the left) White Team (Kaystone01 is the second from the left) Blue Team Here is a video of all the highlights Highlight The day was a mildly sunny day. It was a Friday and the participants were at the field before 9:00am. They were the most punctual people I have met. Many of them were interested more in the betting platform than in the blogging platform. Since it was a small pitch, we played a 5-aside and talked about Scorum afterwards. The competition was filled with so much energy that I think we should have more of this.More Pictures Players cooling off under a shed Overall, we had a swell time and we hope to have more of this to promote Scorum. Thanks for reading Visit the following profiles to see their version of event Kofpato Easyboi El-capitan Special Shoutout to @chimzysports who helped design the beautiful banners


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