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What did we learn from the Scorum update?
Well don't we all have this question? Probably there are 2 groups. The ones who will think that this update was great and it increased their faith in Scorum and on the other sides, the one who will think that the update was too little too late. Well it is a hard one to answer! Maybe the best thing about the update from @vlad, was a sign of life. A sign that the Scorum product isn't abandoned! I am more learning towards the opinion that it is too little, too late group. Vlad opens hit post with saying that it is a difficult time and that they did learn a lot from setting up scorum and betscorum. Only it looks like this knowledge isn't used to make Scorum or Betscorum better, make this increased knowledge is used to create a sportsbook outside Scorum. He also contradicts himself according to me. Sometimes he states that the new sportsbook is not related to betscorum or scorum, but he does see a business case in which this new sportsbook will increase the demand in SCR. I really wonder how he does see this. Also in his post he wrotes that: When we connect this centralized sportsbook to the Scorum project it will serve to increase our operating income as well as driving a new stream of web traffic to the Scorum platform. Also he mentioned quickly some updates which will save the day. He announced a mobile version of Scorum and some minor changes to the wallets. There is no word anymore about decoupling betscorum and scorum, there was no news about the SCR = $ bugs and so on. I do understand that could be in heavy weather, but that is no reason no have a radio silence, which he did for months! Being honest and transparent probably would have created some understanding. It looks that he has decreased his work force. Which is a pity, for sure for the people who did loose their job! But I don't believe that anybody from the scorum team did work on scorum or betscorum related issues. Even a one person team could have done some work. For instance: opening a gateway from some gaming dapps or something simular. So, yes the update was a sign of like. But the biggest part was about he new sportsbook, only some small topic about scorum/betscorum! Probably none of these solution will be delivered before fall! I will still stick around here! I did have too much fun here and still do read great posts but I do have to admit that the content of the announcement was the birth of a dead mouse! Cheers, Peter

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