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Help Scorum with Your Vote
There are many ways to help Scorum to reach its full potential, one of them is with your vote. Lately, we have seen many initiatives to bring Scorum forward by our community members. There are users who work hard to make the betting platform a success, also there are members who work hard to make the blogging platform a success. It's good to see many initiatives by members because it shows a sense of belonging and attachment to the project. Even if you are just an individual and don't belong to any groups, you can help Scorum with your vote. Yes, your vote. We have four full votes daily, use it wisely. As we can see in the Whitepaper, Scorum business model mainly relies on the advertising system. And we all know that there will be no ads without enough traffic to the website, and there will be no traffic without good contents. In short, without good contents, there will be no ads. And without ads, there will be no reward pool and income for the project. So, good content is the key here. We need users to write good contents continuously. That's why it's important to always vote for good contents, especially the undervalued ones. But, how to find good undervalued contents? Easy, all you need to do is visit this link every day That's a link to the most recent posts on Take your time to actually read contents there, and when you find a good undervalued content don't hesitate to give it your vote, even if the writer is a total stranger to you. Because that's the point of all this upvote thing, you give value to whoever brings value to the platform. Of course, you can still vote your friends and circles. But, at least use 25% of your daily Voting Power (one full vote) to vote for good undervalued posts on the recent posts section. If all users do this, 25% of daily reward will go to unnoticed users, that's huge. New users will get the attention they deserve and this will bring more users to the platform. Stop adding value to overvalued posts and start giving it to the undervalued ones. This simple action will bring the platform forward. Indeed that requires much effort and consistency, but if you don't have time you can always delegate your SP to users you trust. Though it's better to do that by yourself because that's the meaning of decentralization. Remember, your vote matters, it shapes the future of this platform.

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