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Wow... Scorum Coin is down another 25 %. After having lost most of it's value during the last six month. And meanwhile it seems as if the crypto market is finally leaving the bear market behind and started recovering quite a bit. Well...except Scorum Coin. Compared to the ICO last year, the value of Scorum Coin is close to zero, however I am not going to start another rant here about what seems to be going wrong on Scorum. I am rather puzzled about the fact that there is actually somebody out there, who is selling Scorum Coins at today's prices. At prices of under 2 Cent! I have been checking Hotbit for a while and seen quite some buy orders filled. I am talking about orders of several thousand coins. So somebody is selling for this price!But who? And why? Don't just tell me about some mysterious bots, I really would like to know what could be behind that downward movement. Who is selling some big amounts of coins to send the price lower and lower?Does anyone have any decent and reliable explanation for that? Please someone enlighten me! I am ready to shower your answer comments with lots of upvotes. I have taken the chance of the low price and got some of my buy orders filled. I still have quite some trust into the whole platform and the idea behind Scorum. And there are quite some cool and creative people around, so I do see some bright future in the long run. Actually I am always told how pessimistic I am, if it comes to Scorum I guess I am rather the complete opposite. Sure I do see things quite realistic and can't deny some of the flaws, but hey...I am definitely here to stay! By buying more coins I somehow also hoped I could stop the price from sinking even lower, but that surely didn't work. Well, at least my upvote will generate quite some coins now.So yes, hook me up with some explanation of what is pushing the Scorum price down the gutter. Who the hell is still selling big amounts of coins now?

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