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Official Witness Announcement || Rise of @Rougebot and 'I Am Scorum' Community Witness.
Hey guys, I am back once again, the silly Mr. Bot Face. So for those who might be following me and wondering why I haven't posted since 5 days now. For that question I will say I have gone to get some cool stuff for y'all. Yes, you read the title right, @Rougebot is now running for witness. How did you decided to become a witness? When I first joined the Scorum back in November, I didn't thought that I will be this much active and will receive great support. Since I joined I felt in kinda love with Scorum. Not only I love the easy to use interface, but I also like the people in here. Friendly, generous, funny and appreciative are how the people on this platform are. But as you all know we lately took a hit of lot of abusers, which eventually Scorum team and our great members knock them off the platform. So moving forward, I was wondering is there any way to get involved with the Scorum platform more, where I can put more of my efforts to grow both, me and the platform. So finally I decided why not become a witness. So here I am as your new witness. Who else is on the team? "If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together." To be honest, Me alone is nothing more than just a normal person. But the friends I have is what makes me better. Without all of you guys, I am nothing but just a 'tin bot'. Since my joining I made lot of friends and they all are awesome I must say. So back to the topic "No", I am not alone. The team running the witness is:@Rougebot, Founder, "I Am Scorum" Community.@Kristyyd, Co-founder, "I Am Scorum" Community.@Philnewton, Witness partner and Community leader. What are the technical specifications of your witness server? Talking about technical specifications, our aim was to make sure that we are inline with the current witness setup and also be easy to upgrade our hardware when needed. So without further circling around here is the setup.Host: Amazon Web Services.Processor: Intel Xeon Platinum 8000 series (Skylake-SP) 3.1 GHz processors. Ram: 32 GBHard Drive: 500 GB SSD [1500 IOPS]Blockchain version: 0.4.1 Current Witness Rank: #30 What is your team's vision in terms of Scorum Platform? "I Am Scorum" Community was founded for two reasons, one to give a user friendly experience for all the users of Scorum platform to come, chat and make new friends, making them feel good on Scorum and outside of it. Anyone is welcomed in this community, big account or small doesn't matter the only thing required is a human heart and willing to learn cool stuff. Second reason why this community was founded was to make a collective effort at stopping the abusers. Anyone who find any abuser can report it to us and we will make sure that the abuser won't be able to make our great platform worse. I am not a 'formal' kind of bot, so I will just talk they way I will talk to you in person. Our vision is to stop the abuser and keep this platform clean. Apart from that supporting various initiatives started by other users of Scorum and helping people who are having any difficulties as a newbie. What has your community done till now? Till now, we have stopped 30+ abusers by turning their posts to $0.00 all of which abusers were shit-poster and plagiarizer. Also we have reported a huge multi-account ring of around 1800+ accounts to the Scorum team, which I am happy to say they have taken care of. Also, we have invited @sport-frei, to host the "Scorum Patronage" initiative in our very own "I Am Scorum" Community discord server. We also plan to offer more support to that initiative in the future and also to help other upcoming members to join in on the team. What is your plan for the future? As of right now, I am considering @Rougebot as not my own personal witness, but as a witness representing the "I Am Scorum" Community and I plan to keep it that way in future ahead. Also any rewards I get by producing the blocks as a witness will be used in uplifting the "I Am Scorum" Community and its members. Here are some things we plan to do in future ahead:Starting off with helping "Scorum Patronage" to get more attention of the users and helping new comers and good bloggers get some limelight.A part of the reward earned and account holding will be used to stop the abusers and making sure that the platform stays clean. Just report to us and we will take care further. Increasing the reward of "I Am Scorum" Community Bounty Reward program, to encourage users of the Scorum to keep the platform clean by rewarding them for reporting any abuser. Any "Thank you" or "Shoutouts" to anyone? There are lot of users behind the creation and running of the "I Am Scorum" Community, so its hard to describe them all over here, so I will just name a few, but that doesn't mean those who aren't mentioned are less important, I firmly believe we all are equal in growth of the community and platform.At first I will like to thank Scorum Team, for their superb efforts in running this platform. Whether it be reporting of abusers and helping us resolve that issue, or asking any questions on the telegram channel, Scorum Team had proved that they mean real business, and they take their platform very seriously.Next I will like to thank, the deadly duo, @btb and @stimp1024, I will say them my friend, but more than that I can consider them my mentors. Any techy knowledge I have about the Scorum platform and the Witness came from these duo of two. Not only spending hours with me when I had some issues setting the server, but also as a friend guiding me around and supporting "I Am Scorum" Community, only a kind heart can do that. So I really appreciate that a lot and do consider witness voting for them, they are the best.Now getting to the community members of the "I Am Scorum" Community, I will like to first thank, @Kristyyd, my wife & best friend. She helped me in all stages of life, Scorum is just another chapter, she is the one the that introduced me to this wonderful platform. So thank you for that.Next I will like to thank, @philnewton, for being a witness member and also a friend who I can talk to at any time. @sport-frei for accepting our invitation to host the "Scorum Patronage" in accordance with the community. @talesfrmtheycrypt, @fraste and many more, for being a part of the "I Am Scorum" Community. so wrapping up my long boring witness post, if you consider us worth it to have your witness vote you can do so by visiting at, and as many people have question, "No" it doesn't store your key or use it any other way, its trusted and I personally recommend that. Join "I Am Scorum Community".

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