photo of the player, Sepak Takraw from google/gettyimages

Sepak Takraw, has become a habit for young people in Banngkok every night. As the night progresses, more experienced players start arriving and the quality of the game becomes better and more exciting. Mid-week in the public park right in the middle of town. Extraordinary sports to watch.

photo of the player, Sepak Takraw from google/gettyimages

Recreation Sepak Takraw, can be seen played in city public parks, fairs, city streets, courtyards, on construction sites or anywhere with just a few meters of open space. ..

In this sport all it takes is a rattan or a plastic ball. The stunning scenery of the various Football Takraw also has a net and requires an incredible combination of flexibility, speed, strength, mental alertness and acrobatic skills.

Here's a video, Sepak Takraw is playing among the youth in Bangkok City.

Video Source from Youtube

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