This boy enjoy playing sepak takraw using his feet.

Why early National Games?

Because the national martial art and sport of the Philippines is now Arnis, by virtue of Republic Act 9850. It was signed by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri authored the said law.

We'll talk about Arnis later in my next article.

Sepak Takraw or in terms of Philippines "Sipa" means "kick" it was a popular sports played by children during that days. It was called a Philippine National Sport but as I mentioned earlier it was replaced by Arnis in 2009.

How Takraw is being played?

The game is consist of two teams opposing each other with net in the middle of the court just like volleyball and they called a rattan ball in which the player has a goal to kick it back and forth until it land on the floor of the opponent's side.

In America, there's also similar game to Sipa Takraw it is called a Hacky Sack the footbag game.

The only difference is the item that is being kicked or shall we say the ball.

Sipa is related to the Indonesian/Malaysian game sepak takraw. Comfusing isn't it? Sepak Takraw is not Sipa Takraw? Actually they the same in gameplay.Filipino used to said it Sipa because it is same word as Sepak.

FootVolley is also similar to Sepak Takraw but they differ in its use of rattan ball and only the players are allowed to use their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball.

Competitions and tournaments are run in accordance to rules and regulations set by the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF).

See the video on how they play Sepak Takraw.

Sepak Takraw | Skills Practicing TUTORIAL from Youtube

Sepak Takraw Rules and Regulations:

A game Sepak Takraw played between two teams (known as Regu). Each Regu consist of three players on court and has two substitute.

The rules is very similar to the popular sport Volleyball, players are allowed maximum of three contacts.

Before the game start a coin toss will decide which Regu will start in service. After the three consecutive points by the serving Regu the service will change. Depending the level of competition set by organizing committee.

The first who score 21 points by the Regu, wins the set. Two point lead in the set can Regu will won,and the maximum points a set typically reaches 25 points. When there are tie 20-20, the game is played in two set with a 2 minute breakdown in between. The Regu who wins the two sets wins the match.

Thats how sepak takraw works I don't play it but I love to watch whoever plays with it or in the tournament. Sepak Takraw usually has it in our schools during Intramurals which is the month of sports whereas all student participating all kinds of sports depending on their skills.